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Essays in the Wikipedia namespace may be edited by anyone. Essays in the namespace are normally edited only by the user that hosts the page and are categorized with , usually via {}. User essays may be moved categorically into the namespace and this category if they are frequently referenced, as evidenced by becoming an evolving expression of multiple editors. Wikipedia essays may be moved into userspace (or deleted) if they are found to be unhelpful or to contradict a settled point of policy.

This category contains Wikipedia essays — on Wikipedia-related topics, but with no official status. Pages tagged with categorize here if they are in the Wikipedia namespace and into if they are in userspace. Please use more specific templates where appropriate:

Replacement of page content with a may still cause link rot, but is less harmful because a disambiguation page is essentially a type of that will lead the reader to the required content. If a page is usurped with content for another subject that shares its name, a may be placed at the top that directs readers to the original content on its new page—this again is a type of soft redirect, but less obvious. In these cases, readers arriving from an external rotten link should be able to find what they're looking for, but the situation is best avoided as they would have to get there via an additional page, potentially giving a poor impression of both Wikipedia and the linking website.

The outcome of a deletion debate is determined not by votes, but by Wikipedia policy and guidelines. So where does an essay figure in?

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As a whole, the findings suggest that students used Wikipedia for its summaries and to get started, and because of usability, comprehensibility, and lesser so, for credibility or its peer–to–peer (i.e., wiki) capabilities.

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Most respondents (70 percent) reported using Wikipedia at the beginning of the research process (see Figure 3). Very few used Wikipedia near or at the end (two percent).

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In our study, we found the combination of coverage, currency, comprehensibility, and convenience drives Wikipedia use, in a world where credibility is less of a given — or an expectation from students — with each passing day.

On Wikipedia, an essay is a page written in Wikipedia project namespace describing the processes on Wikipedia at the point-of-view of one or more users.

Course–related research may begin with Wikipedia, but it rarely ends there. In our study, students employed a complex information problem strategy in their research processes, reliant on a mix of information resources that were from scholarly sources and public Internet sites.

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Students’ driving need for background context makes Wikipedia one of the predictable workarounds that many students use, especially during the first stages of their research process.These findings suggest the advantage of using Wikipedia far outweighs its perceived drawbacks (i.e., credibility and/or some professors’ disapproval). Today’s students appear to negotiate the accuracy of Wikipedia content, rather than assume it. We defined “majors” in broad terms in our study to include students with declared majors in a specific discipline at four–year institutions and also students with a primary emphasis of study at two–year community colleges. We used a logistic regression to determine which majors were likely to use Wikipedia (see section on in this paper for details).