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An international panel of ten expert judges conducted a blind review of the submissions, taking into account clarity, feasibility and ease of implementation, and potential for WMD risk reduction. The only details the judges received were whether the essay had a professor sponsorship and for which country the essayist’s implementation plan was intended. The Stimson Center then reviewed the judges’ selections and forwarded the top qualifying essays, eighteen in total, to another panel of judges directly involved in the work of the United Nations Security Council’s 1540 Committee for their selection of the first- and second-place winners and of the three entries to receive “honorable mention.”

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 International Student Essay Contest received submissions from undergraduate and graduate-level students in 44 countries. Resolution 1540 obligates U.N. Member States to develop and enforce legal and structural measures to prevent the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and their means of delivery. The challenge has been to get effective and full implementation of this resolution. This outreach to students for new ideas for countering proliferation and resolution implementation is part of the United Nations Comprehensive Review of the resolution this year. Full contest information and awards can be found .

Global Security: Weapons of Mass Destruction Essay…Thus throughout this essay, it will discuss the meaning of security in the means of how it was created through the influence of nuclear/ weapons of mass destruction (WMD) Firstly, it will analyse the changing attitudes of strategic studiesWeapons of Mass Destruction essaysExample Essays Weapons of Mass Destruction Bibliography 7 Pages Suppose we want to maximize protection against the risk from weapons of mass destructionWeapons Of Mass Destruction EssayWeapons Of Mass Destruction Essay While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements

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American physicists and their leader Edward teller developed nuclear armaments that was first detonated in 1945, (Balogun, 2011 p. 160) which was defined as; extreme scale immediate mass destruction. The strategic studies of the international relation have drastically changed in the past 20 years. Steve Smith’s The increasing insecurity of Security Studies: Conceptualising Security in the Last Twenty Years (1999) examines some aspect of security study literature in the last two decades. Smith addresses his main analyses of the changed perspective of the core subject nitially concentrated on state and military to human social security.

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In the means of security, constructivist have presented an insight on how to analyse the question of ‘‘How nuclear weapon technology mean different things in different places and times’ (Rogers, lecture), constructivist states that it is challenging to determine with the absence of calculating and the perceiving into giving attention to cultural, social and historical context of the state to how the definition came to assessable. Thus, it is important to develop an understanding of the purpose of WMD in the international system, with the question of why states seek to build nuclear power.

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In the present era of nuclear threats and unexpected and highly sophisticated attacks, the importance of NNSA cannot be over-exaggerated. It is necessary to ensure peace in the general mass. Also the government must deal and take steps necessary to avoid possible attack before it is too late. And NNSA has rightly addressed the same concern. The government must be one step ahead the wrong minds. This importance of the association must be borne in mind when you write the National Nuclear Security Administration essay.

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Before analyzing weapons of mass destruction, their exact definition should be determined. Various sources, such as encyclopedias, articles, and academic works, come to the same conclusion that any weapon of mass destruction possesses life-threatening characteristics. It can bring about serious and frequently irreversible changes in the human life and environment in general. At the same time, it has a substantial destructive and harmful impact on the lives of many human beings (and other life forms) in all aspects. Weapons of mass destruction can cause massive demolition to constructions and the pollution of nature. Such kind of weapons hugely affects human lives, health status, and society security. After ensuring individual, group, and regional security, how does the state define its own security? Lasso and Gonzalez state that "the entirety of conditions -- political, economic, military, social, and cultural -- necessary to guarantee the sovereignty, independence, and promotion of national interest..."[1] defines security. We can then ask what threatens those five conditions. Security from the military viewpoint is highly visible, and a nation will act when it is threatened militarily. Economic threats can also be simply defined, although domestic protectionism can often clash with international trade agreements signed by the same nation. A nation's claim that its protectionism helps ensure national economic security can cause international uproar. (For example, see the essay on .)