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A DETAILED STUDY ON THE IMPACT OF MEDIA ON THE BODY IMAGE OBSESSION AND EATING DISORDERS AMONG THE TEENAGERS OF THE 20TH CENTURY Sang Mi Woo 1501 154 Psychology Extended Essay World Count: 2183 words Abstract In today's media, messages on the rewards of thinness and the punishments of obesity are everywhere. These unrealistic standards undermine self-image, self-esteem, and teens' physical well-being. And yet, most teenagers are accepting these standards. This paper will examine how psychological and neurological forces aided by media are urging teenagers' bodies toward thinness. The results put teenagers in deadly situations by making them cross the thin line which separates normal dieting from an eating disorder. This study will also take a look at if the media simply reflects the body image of teenagers or if it reinforces and shapes it. Word Count: 102 words Table of Contents Introduction 4 Marketing Thinness to Teenagers 5 Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa 6 Mirror Neurons 6 The Process of Identity Formulation 8 Conclusion 9 Bibliography 11 Introduction People reporting eating problems is not a newly developed trend. Recently, however, the situation has been getting worse, and the number has overwhelmingly increased. This seems inevitable considering how the slim figure has come to represent health as well as beauty in today's society. The food industry, the beauty industry, and even the pharmaceutical industry are all promoting thinness. It is no wonder that teenagers are increasingly becoming obsessed with thinness.

For a full answer to this consider reading the essay on the media on our information page. The media is not the cause of eating problems but is a significant socio-cultural determinant of why so many people express their personal distress through the language of food and weight. One of the most important aspects of prevention of eating disorders is teaching children media literacy so that they do not fully “internalise” thin ideal images. In other words, they question the importance or possibility of looking the same as models and pop stars. Some of this literacy starts in the home.

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