Susan Sontag, “On Style,” and Other Essays (Penguin: London, 1961)

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Review. “Susan Sontag's essays are great interpretations, and even fulfillments, of what is really going on.” ―Carlos Fuentes. “A dazzling intellectual

Sontag, Susan Notes on 'Camp' Sontag, Susan, (2009) 'Notes on 'Camp'' from Sontag, Susan, Against interpretation and other essays pp.275-292, London: Penguin. Notes On 'Camp' by Susan Sontag. One runs the risk of having, oneself, produced a very inferior piece of Camp. These notes are for Oscar Wilde.

Against Interpretation is a collection of essays by Susan Sontag published in 1966. It includes some of Sontag's best-known works, including "Susan Sontag Essay Against Interpretation On Style," and the

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Susan Sontag, “On Style,” and Other Essays (Penguin: London, 1961)

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Sontag, Susan (1973). On Photography, New York: RosettaBooks LLC.

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This book is a collection of essays by Susan Sontag which was published in 1966. It includes some of Sontag's best-known works, including "On Style", "Notes on 'Camp'", and the titular essay "Against Interpretation". In the last, Sontag argued that in the new critical approach to aesthetics the spiritual importance of art is being replaced by the emphasis on the (...)

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Against Interpretation. Susan Sontag . it erected another meaning on top of the literal one. .. and Medium in the Motion Pictures,” Northrop Frye's essay “A.

Against Interpretation was Susan Sontag's first collection of essays and is a modern classic

18 Mar 2013 Susan Sontag's seminal mid-60s essay has come up several times at this site. Obviously, whatever interpretation is, Sontag seems against it.

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This, the first of three volumes of Susan Sontag's journals and notebooks, begins with journal entries and early attempts at fiction from her years as a university and graduate student, and ends in 1964, when she was becoming a participant in and observer of the artistic and intellectual life of New York City.

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Susan Sontag is an exemplary witness to the fact that living a thinking life and thinking about the life one is living can be complementary and energizing activities. Since the 1966 publication of Against Interpretation — her first collection of essay, which included the brilliant ''Notes on 'Camp''' and ''On Style'' and which ranged joyously and unpatronizingly from the Supremes to Simone Weil, from films like The Incredible Shrinking Man to Muriel — Sontag has continued to be drawn to both ''popular'' and ''high'' cultures and to write about subjects as diverse as pornography and photography, the aesthetics of silence and the aesthetics of fascism. In doing so, moreover, she has been continually examining and testing out her notion that supposed oppositions like thinking and feeling, consciousness and sensuousness, morality and aesthetics can in fact simply be looked at as aspects of each other — much like the pile on the velvet that, upon reversing one's touch, provides two textures and two ways of feeling, two shades and two ways of perceiving.