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"This volume intelligently links past and future. Burton Clark has played a central role in defining the contours of the sociology of higher education. This collection of essays honors and amplifies his legacy but goes beyond Clark's early insights to identify promising new lines of inquiry."

" affords a lofty vantage point from which to view the vibrant intersection of sociology and higher education. Patricia Gumport has assembled an impressive array of scholars. Their dozen chapters, taken together, update Burton Clark's pioneering survey of the field and provide timely, authoritative overviews of the field's component parts."

"The book is outstanding in two respects: it presents a comprehensive state of the field, and it explores the role of sociological research in guiding higher education practice... Summing Up: Essential."

OF  – it is an analysis of the sociological processes involved in the educational institutions. Obviously,

Description : The sociology of education is a rich interdisciplinary field that studies schools as their own social world as well as their place within the larger society. The field draws contributions from education, sociology, human development, family studies, economics, politics and public policy. Sociology of Education: An A-to-Z Guide introduces students to the social constructions of our educational systems and their many players, including students and their peers, teachers, parents, the broader community, politicians and policy makers. The roles of schools, the social processes governing schooling, and impacts on society are all critically explored. Despite an abundance of textbooks and specialized monographs, there are few up-to-date reference works in this area. Features & Benefits: 335 signed entries fill 2 volumes in print and electronic formats, providing the most comprehensive reference resource available on this topic. Cross-References and Suggestions for Further Reading guide readers to additional resources. A thematic "Reader's Guide" groups related articles by broad topic areas as one handy search feature on the e-Reference platform, which also includes a comprehensive index of search terms, facilitating ease of use by both on-campus students and distance learners. A Chronology provides students with historical perspective on the sociology of education.

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Description : The Sociology of Education: A Systematic Analysis is a comprehensive and cross-cultural look at the sociology of education. This textbook gives a sociological analysis of education by incorporating a diverse set of theoretical approaches. The authors include practical applications and current educational issues to discuss the structure and processes that make education systems work as well as the role sociologists play in both understanding and bring about change. In addition to up-to-date examples and research, the eighth edition presents three chapters on inequality in educational access and experiences, where class, race and ethnicity, and gender are presented as separate (though intersecting) vectors of educational inequality. Each chapter combines qualitative and quantitative approaches and relevant theory; classics and emerging research; and micro- and macro-level perspectives.??

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Description : A comprehensive and cross-cultural look at the sociology of education. The text integrates important and diverse topics in the field by showing how they are related. The Sociology of Education: A Systematic Analysis provides a sociological analysis of education using several theoretical approaches. The authors include practical applications and current educational issues to discuss the structure and processes that make education systems work. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers should be able to: Learn diverse theoretical approaches in the sociology of education Assess important current or emerging topics, including higher education, informal education (“climate” and the “hidden curriculum”), the school environment, education around the world, and educational movements and alternatives Understand how change takes place and what role sociologists play Become involved with educational systems where they can put to use the knowledge available in textbooks

Classical French sociologist was one of the first sociologists to consider the social function of education. He believed that a moral education was necessary for society to exist because it provided the basis for the social solidarity that held society together. By writing about education in this way, Durkheim established . This perspective that takes place within the educational institution, including the teaching of , including moral values, ethics, politics, religious beliefs, habits, and norms.

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Education as a process and an idea exists within a societal context. Whether formal or informal learning, education is organized in the society by individuals who are members of a particular group, community, states and nation. So, you understand the significance of the society in educational transactions and organizing curricular events. While pursuing your Bachelor of education you must have studied the Philosophical foundations, Psychological foundations and sociological foundations of education. In this unit we will deal with the sociology of education in details; and the relation between sociology and education. This will be useful in managing educational institutions. In this unit we discuss two broad issues i) the concept of sociology of education and ii) the relation between sociology and education.

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Learning Objectives
1.2 Sociology of education: concept and origin
1.2.1 What is sociology?
1.2.2 What is education?
1.3 Relation between sociology and education
1.3.1 Social Reproduction
1.3.2 Structural Function and Social Reproduction
1.3.3 Conflict theory and Social Reproduction
1.3.4 Concept of Cultural Capital
1.4 Issues in Sociology of Education
1.4.1 Language
1.4.2 Gender
1.4.3 Ideology
1.4.4 Technology
1.4.5 Family Structure
1.4.6 Cultural Diversity
1.5 Let us Sum Up
1.6 Glossary
1.7 Reference and Further Readings
1.8 Check your Progress :The Key

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Factors such as poverty maybe more important than attitudes in explaining the failure of working class and ethnic minority children to stay on in post 10 education. These groups may have less access to, material resources such as education toys. They may be trapped in a cycle of poverty. Ethnic minorities might be denied access to jobs and decent housing because of racism. Also material and cultural deprivation theories don't explain how factors inside school affect achievement. Cultural deprivation generalises a lot about differences between middle class and working class life. It ignores working class families who do place a high value on education, and tends to assume that working class families have no culture at all, or that working class culture can not be relevant to school. This is ethnocentric. In conclusion to this, I feel that cultural factors played a more crucial rate than material factors, and that overall there does seem to be more material factors, but it might be that cultural factors really do affect it more. Amie Macklin sociology essay homework Material / Cultural factors