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My survival instincts began to kick in and I realize what needs to be done in order to survive this nightmare; I begin to scrap up all savable items such as: first aid, food, water and other basic necessities. After about two weeks of being castaways, I began to run low on food and water, I start to think this is the best time to set me plan into motion. I see one of my former classmates going into the forest and I know it’s now or never, I must act now. As I follow him into the forest, he stops at a small pond like area and I attack, from behind I slit his throat with a handmade knife I made my first night on the island. I drag his body off to the side of a tree so no one would notice him, I would return later to retrieve his dead body. I make my way back to the campsite, to insure that no one would notice I was missing and once they began to suspect anything I would have already moved on to my next target. The sun starts to set, and no one has mentioned this missing classmate instead I spot two more classmates going into the forest, and I know it’s time to act again. I notice that their moments from discovering the missing classmates...

5. Aims of Research
The study will seek to describe the vulnerabilities and the impact of a terrorist attack on the economic growth of small island Caribbean fragile economies in most cases solely dependent on tourism. The study will seek to show what can lead to a terrorist attack such as mere proximity to the United States of America, tourism industry with most of the tourists from the United States and Europe, finance and banking sector and the United States currency Correspondent Bank with the recent trading limit with all correspondent banks in the Eastern Caribbean, offshore investments and the effect of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), being efforts by the Unites States Government to curb money laundering and terror financing, offshore tertiary institutions of learning predominantly consisting of United States citizens and border patrol and existing security strategies that make the Caribbean nations vulnerable to terrorism. The study will also assess the capacity of existing systems in tracking concerns that pose a threat to security concerns and resulting effects on economic growth. The ultimate objective of the study is to identify weak points and provide recommendations that can seek to contain the current threat of terrorism to these fragile dependent economies of the region. Research questions to consider that will drive the research will include but not limited to
– Terrorism, is it a threat to Caribbean economies.
– Which sector of Caribbean economies are most vulnerable to a terrorist attack.
– Is it a real threat to the tourism sector in the Caribbean.
– What can be done to mitigate against a terrorist attack.
– What can be done to mitigate against the effect of terrorist attacks on the economic growth of Caribbean economies.
– What is terrorism in this regard- International terrorism
6. Research Design and Basic Data Collection Approach
The approach to the study to be conduct will be a library based, where literature reviews will be conducted. The research design will show the existing threats, weaknesses and vulnerabilities and how they can affect economic growth. Data will be collected from statistics, tax, government finance and planning offices and sustainable development offices of identified Caribbean countries to show linkages, contribution of tourism sector and other offshore institutions to economic growth.
The data collection approach will be to review and utilize existing stock of data from literature such as books, World Bank reports, Central Bank reports, journals, newspapers, and websites. However, the use of data will be strategic and carefully analyzed where only information significant to building on the proposed argument will be used.

The voyage sets out for the island very smoothly and successfully. Nothing goes wrong and the crew complies with every order. Then one night as they were approaching the island Jim overheard Long John Silver talking to another member of the crew. He told the other member about his adventures with the Captain Flint, the dreaded pirate. Jim then learned that the crew, excluding a small handful of people chosen by the squire and the Captain Smollet, were former members of Captain Flint’s crew and the treasure was his. They were be lend by Long John Silver to steal the treasure back for themselves.

This free International Relations essay on SIDS - small island developing states is perfect for International Relations students to use as an example.

Lastly, Kureishi explores the ideas of the emergence of the bourgeoisie as an effect because of post-colonialism. There was a gap between classes in the 1980s but the social order began to become dominated by the middle class. Kureishi represents the Pakistani characters as the rich entrepreneurs which challenges traditional views and reinforces the concept of modernism in a growing post-colonial society. In both books the story ends with the idea of a brighter future – Winston gets his own house where Gilbert and Hortense can start their lives together with a baby (Small Island) and Johnny and Omar are seen moving forward and these images symbolize ideas of equality. Levy structures Small Island in a way that lacks traditional chronological narrative order and this again reinforces modernism and expresses the ideas of change through post-colonialism.

Discussion of themes and motifs in Andrea Levy's Small Island

Barbados’ natural resources include petroleum, fishing, and
natural gas. The fishing industry employs about 2,500 people and
500 small boats. Their are no natural forests in the country.
Manufacturing contributes about 11.2% to the GDP. Manufacturing
and mining employ about 18.9% of the labor force. The majority
of the industrial establishments are engaged in some form of
sugar processing. Sugar is the principal export. The principal
imports include machinery, motor vehicles, lumber, and fuels.
Barbados’ per capita income of $9,200 makes it one of the highest
standards of living of all the small island states of the Eastern
Caribbean. Barbados is also one of the many transshipment points
for narcotics bound for the U.S. and Europe.

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Dr. Lindsy Lawrence
24 March 2013
Small Island: Mixing and Modifying Racial Roles and Ideas
Small Island is a 2004 novel by Andrea Levy which tackles the mammoth issue of racism and hybridity. The novel focuses on the diaspora of the West Indy immigration influx, and features a backdrop of the Second World War. Small Island alternates between four voices (two Jamaican and two British): Queenie, Hortense, Gilbert, and Bernard. An interesting aspect of the novel is how Levy transitions between a “before” period and 1948. Levy uses the “before” period to provide exposition and background information for the characters, while 1948 represents the present for each of the characters. Levy puts forth an amazing unbiased narrative with Small Island by stripping down both racial and gender roles. An outstanding feat of Levy's is how without her characters internal narration informing us of their race, we as readers probably would not know whether they are black or white. Small Island is a little gem of a book, and Levy craftily nudges her readers into making discoveries concerning their own racial prejudices.
The first section of Small Island begins with the very haughty young Jamaican woman named Hortense. Hortense is coming off the ship from Jamaica, and she is expecting her new husband, Gilbert, to be there awaiting her arrival. Gilbert, though, is nowhere to be seen. This leads Hortense to attempt navigating the English streets to try to find her and Gilbert's home. Upon arriving at Gilbert's address, Gilbert excitedly (and sheepishly) greets Hortense with excuses as to why he was not at the dock to pick her up. Gilbert carries a very heavy Jamaican accent; and while Hortense believes her English is pristine, she does not realize that the English people she encounters cannot understand a word she says.
From this point Hortense has an awkward meeting with Queenie, who seems to be slightly protective towards Gilbert. Gilbert...

Levy understands the complex relationship between color and class. Light-skinned Hortense has been brought up as a lady, and she initially despises Gilbert for his coarser manners. She also looks down on Queenie for being less educated than she is. The slow development of Hortense's respect for her husband as she begins to understand the challenges he faces (many of which she will confront herself) is one of the most moving aspects of the book. "Small Island" is too thoughtful a novel to promise its characters a happy ending, but it is generous enough to offer them hope.

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On October 17, 2004 Garth Guessman of Los Angeles and I departed from the United States for a 23 day expedition to research the Ropen of PNG. Upon landing on a small grass airstrip the southeast side of Umboi island [Figure 10], we hired a guide and engaged a small banana boat to take our team up the eastern coast. We stopped to refuel in the town of Kampalap and conducted some interviews of villagers. They were familiar with the Ropen and claimed that it lived in a cave on Mt. Bel, though none could assure us that they had seen this haunt with their own eyes. They did, however, tell how the creature fishes in the reef off the coast. Approximately once a month it flies down to a large tree (at which point the glow slowly subsides) and, after making sure the coast is clear, swoops down to fish in the surf.