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Oct 21, 2011 My Essay For The Topic Why People Go To University Or College

I think college is not a waste of time. im dropping out because i am just tired of school. I really wanted to join the army after high school but my mother was pressuring me to go to school. I wanted to make her happy, but i am not happy. Thats why i am dropping out. I will go back as after a year or so. But like i said before, college is not a waste of time, when you are ready to go.

College for the most part really is a joke. Wanna be a religion major? Fine. Take three semesters of basket weaving. Wanna be a computer engineer? Take 4 semesters of art history. I could go on. So much about college today is good, but an even larger portion is just plain stupid. The level of teaching and the professors who do it @ my university are next to worthless. Show up if they feel like it and assign mountains of busywork. High Schools nowadays do not prepare you for college and college is so much about stress as opposed to learning that it has very little similarity to the real world. I could never drop out, but I can understand why people decide to sometimes. Sometimes it just isnt worth the $45,000 a year fight.

I am a senior in HS right now, and what I have to say is that some of you guys have a negative mentality towards college.
College is supposed to be difficult,
but also interesting and rewarding.
The reason why some of you were so pissed was because you were not SERIOUS about getting a further education, so you lacked the will power to continue. Being lazy has it’s setbacks.
If you’re in the wrong classes, change them, don’t just quit.
If you’re in the right classes, pay attention and be serious.
My gosh, some of you sound like whiney babies.
LIFE IS TOUGH! You should know that by now.

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well, I am a student who has to make a research paper to find out why students drop out of college and not accomplished their goals. I had not idea how to make a research paper, but I liked up with some people and the gave the enough orientation to keep going. now I am in the right way.

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But it’s not all about the money, the number one reason I believe people go to college is because it’s the safe route, they’re too afraid to take any chances, which again, is fine, but it’s not my prerogative. We only get one life to live and you don’t know how long your going to be here for, why not do something DIFFERENT and enjoy yourself, leave your mark, make a difference.

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dude i find that the main reason people drop out is for money issues people say you shouldn’t drop out thats so stupid why are you doing that well what else are they suppose to do if they work their asses off and spending money on important stuff but can’t afford college anymore they can’t do anything but drop out and maybe start over who knows and sure there are scholarships and grants but there not always available o well…

I am currently a senior in college and could disagree more with almost all of these people who are putting down college because they couldn’t make it. Teachers shouldn’t have to force you to learn anything and most of they are extremely intelligent. People who complain that high school doesn’t prepare you have no one to blame but themselves. College teaches you a work ethic and responsibility. Having a degree gives you a very big advantage in the business world. For those of you applying for a job with no degree sorry to break it to you someone who has a degree is going to get the job, so it’s clearly not useless. Also saying that students out of college often need training for their new jobs is a obvious statement, of course they do. If they are not going to a trade school they are not going to know everything the job entails, but they will have a work ethic and though their education they are going to be better at taking instructions and figuring things out of their own which is what college teaches you. Being able to figure things out on your own is something every job requires and is what college prepares you for. No, college is not easy and it shouldn’t be. Teachers are not going to hold your hand and walk you through everything and neither is your boss.
Just because people are lazy and will try to find excuses about why college is so bad is an opinion, look at the facts of the average salary for a college graduate and a high school graduate. Also you can meet someone of your best lifetime friends and create social networks which will only benefit you in the future.

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And also I forgot to mention, reading this article made me think of my job. I work at financial aid at my college and I see how many people will pile up the loans. Being honest, it hurts sometimes to give them out and fear they might be in dept. Its a part of my job that sucks. I never want to take out student loans so that is why I am questioning my decision to continue college at a university because I question if I can actually afford it.

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I could already relate to the topic above! There were many reasons why I didn’t wanted to do college right after high school and opted for a working experience a year after. It definitely gave me a quick head start at 18 and managed better when it comes to responsibilities. Yet, I was often torn between my freedom to learn and my parents’ expectations (imagine over the years, listening to all possible occupations under the sun before I graduated from high school).

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I happened to come across this article, sadly later then I wish. I did go to college and I know I am one of many i meet that did not need the education. I was 75-85% finished my course when i dropped out, i was so anxious and depressed It was really not healthy for me to continue. I have gotten asked why not completed it so you would have your degree? But i was not passionate about it. I have found a full time job based on my experiences , that i also love It wasnt all easy. Ironically my younger sister is now at the same point where she wants to quit college in her last year. I told her to follow her heart and her passion. I don’t regret going to college because i worked while giving me more experince was there and met amazing people. It is also those choices leading me here.