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Voting for a write-in candidate in a presidential election isn't as easy as it sounds. Write-in candidates must file legally mandated paperwork declaring their candidacy in every state in which they intend to run for office. If you write in the name of a candidate who has not filed this paperwork with the appropriate election authority in your state, your vote will not be counted. To successfully write in a presidential candidate, you must first find out which write-in candidates are running, then research your state's specific procedures for write-in voting.

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is an ongoing series of books that covers as the fledgling country's first . The set includes papers written by the President as well as material presented to him during his presidency and papers from his personal, social, and business life. The volumes have been edited by W.W. Abbot, Dorothy Twohig, Philander D. Chase, Theodore J. Crackel, and Edward G. Lengel and is currently number 18, the first of which was released in 1987.

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