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As surgical specialties go you may think that plastic surgery is one of the best known at the moment, civility of media coverage of celebrity “enhancements” and the never ending chase of the perfect appearance. Plastic plus cosmetic surgery has, in the eyes of the public, become almost interchangeable terms, but in medical and historical background this isn’t so. Cosmetic surgery involves optional procedures performed for aesthetic reasons, but plastic surgery refers to surgical reconstruction of deformity, providing normal appearance and function. The specialty developed from its ancient Egyptian origins more than three thousand years ago. It developed geographically, as knowledge spread from epicentres, plus northern India at about 600 BC, Sicily in the 15th century Renaissance, Germany in the 19th century, and lastly Britain in the two world wars.

There are multiple types of plastic surgery procedures that can be performed for cosmetic or corrective reasons. Plastic surgery can range from minor enhancements to major body overhauls depending in the needs of the person requesting this life changing surgery. While the benefits of plastic surgery are widely accepted, patients should consider the positive and negative aspects of plastic surgery before undergoing any treatments. This debate considers only cosmetic surgery carried out purely to improve appearance, and does not address plastic surgery for medical reasons, for example post-disfigurement reconstruction or remedial surgery.

a. The benefits of cosmetic surgery are fantastic – both physically and emotionally. Patients are no longer self conscious about their physical defects. Many cosmetic surgery patients discover that they are more outgoing, more personable, and more confident. They can focus on living their lives instead of worrying about the way others are looking at them. And given that the reality is that we’re judged on our appearance all the time, it’s perfectly rational to want to look good.

Your search returned over 400 essays for "Plastic Surgery"

They are coming out with so many different cosmetic plastic surgeries that it's hard to choose which one to get, on the other hand, a lot of people are getting multiple surgeries done. Some of the most popular ones from 2003 are Liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and female breast reduction. Some of the most popular non-surgical procedures were Botox injections, which led all non-surgical and surgical procedures among Americans, with over 2 million people getting these injections, an increase of 37% in one year. Other non-surgical procedures that follow not far behind are laser hair removal, microermabrasion, chemical peel and collagen injections. There were nearly 8.3 million procedures total performed in the year 2003.

Free Plastic Surgery papers, essays, and research papers.

It was not until the Renaissance in the 15th century that a few developments took place. Italian practitioners were at the front position, as for many medical advances at that moment in time, in particular a Sicilian family of surgeons, the Brancas. Between Branca Senior and his son, Antonius, suturing techniques were advanced, affording minimum scarring, new methods for repairing wounds to ears and lips were recognized, and the aforementioned Indian method was introduced to the West, as Susruta’s text grow to be more widely available. Cosmetic surgery:

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Today more people are opting for cosmetic surgeries, hair coloring and other cosmetics.

Why is this the case?

Do you think this development is positive or negative.

In this rampant age of modernization, people are applying different products as well as they are visiting cosmetic surgeons for enhancing their looks irrespective of their gender and age. I believe over-indulgence in such practices has bad impact on health.

The major reason for experimenting with appearances is that the individuals want to look different and attain everyone's attention. Whether a person is a college-going or well educated professional, everyone want to be an epitome of flawless beauty. These 'eye-catchers' are easily swayed by 'profit-hungry' companies which endorse their products through people's favourite celebrities. Moreover, these advertised spot-removal creams, hair styling gels claim instant results and viewers, to improve their looks and conceal their advancing age, purchase these products, for example, sales of fairness creams is particularly very high in India, and mainly females of age group between 20 and 50 buy these gels.

I believe that there is no harm in looking beautiful but if it is at the cost of health, it is not worthy. It can be often seen, these treatments paradoxically reduces the natural glow of skin and leave a permanent damage to hair and scalp. Several chemicals are added to these cosmetics which can ruin the health causing certain kinds of allergies and discomforts. Moreover, after having plastic surgeries one has to remain very conscious about his diet and even has to take certain medicines on regular bases which can cause many side-effects.

To cap it all, I would like to say, one should emphasize more on eternal beauty. Even, external beauty should be maintained by incorporating natural remedies in daily routines and use of such treatments should be restricted to obtain life-long positive outcomes.

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Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is one of the most surgeries that people make. As the graph shows the top plastic surgeries that been done in year 2008 (look at figure 1):

At The Hospital Group we offer cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery and non-surgical treatments.

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To cater to the Gulf's demand for cosmetic procedures, Dr. Luiz Toledo, one of the world's most famous plastic surgeons in liposuction and the "Brazilian butt lift," closed his practice in Brazil and moved to Dubai in 2006 because he saw less competition in the Gulf and an opportunity to keep quality and prices up.

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Procedures are available for almost any part of the body, but the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly. The results are often permanent, so it is important to be sure about the decision, to use an appropriate practitioner, and to have the right motivation.

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Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity, with cosmetic procedures carried out in the United States in 2013, an increase of 3 percent on the previous year.

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Almost half of the 35 articles published in the Canadian women’s magazines contain information on the preoperative and postoperative state of emotional health of the patients of cosmetic surgeons. Twenty-nine percent of the articles mentioned the impact of the results of women’s plastic surgery to men (Fraser, Suzanne, 2003). Male pay more attention to breast augmentation, implants, buttocks, vaginal rejuvenation and restoration are commonly used for determining the standards of female attractiveness and justify the need of cosmetic surgery (Lock, Stephen, 2001).