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POLITICAL THEATRE: measured drama pitting a character with a conservative point of view against a character with a liberal viewpoint. It can be passionate advocacy of one idea and ardent attack on anyone who opposes that idea. And it can be a drama that falls anywhere between these two types. PERFORMANCE ART: is one recent form that poses these questions and then some. What is considered performance art has undergone several transformations in recent decades. It often means a single artist who artist who presents material that is autobiographical, sometimes in an environment that is innovative or unusual. AVANT-GRADE & EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE: theatre that breaks away from the mainstream tradition- avant-garde and experimental theatre- has been a part of the landscape for most of the past 100 years. Among theatre movements of this kind is multimedia theatre, which incorporates theatre, dance, painting, and video into a single art form.

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A naturalistic work should pay close attention to historical accuracy in scenic and costume design. Back in the mid-90s I saw the Melbourne Theatre Company’s 40th anniversary production of Ray Lawler’s Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, probably Australia’s most celebrated play. The attention to detail on the set was ridiculous (in a good way!). I recall reading in the programme notes the designers and dramaturg researched everything right down to the typical fabric and wallpaper patterns for a 1950s inner suburban Melbourne household (in this instance, the suburb of Carlton). It was your typical box set and a real time warp for the audience. However, a realistic performance of this same play can happily get away with significantly less detail in scenic and costume design and yet still be realistic enough to be believable for its audience in every way.

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Though clouded, our view of early Roman theatre buildings is not, however, entirely obscured. As called for in the dramas which have been preserved, the staging itself hints at certain features which must have been present in Republican theatre. For instance, there are relatively few props necessary in producing any early Roman drama and all but no application of scenery to plot, which argues for minimal sets and stage decor. Moreover, that the dramatic texts invariably dictate when to bring props on and off the stage argues that there was no curtain or the like whereby the stage could be set or cleared out of the audience's sight. ()

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The Russian-born artist , who is credited with producing the first purely abstract painting, created several theatre pieces on his way to full abstraction. These productions employed sound (even an offstage choir), light, moving structures, and human action, but this latter was purely functional and had no narrative or interactive significance. Kandinsky revised the Wagnerian concept of the integrated work of art, pointing out that it was based on the assumption that all the various elements of theatre brought together simultaneously in concert would produce an effect that was greater than the sum of the parts. Kandinsky’s thesis was that this was a superficial conglomeration in which, no matter what the theoretical position might be, the elements alternated in supremacy. Appia had criticized Wagner for keeping conventional representational sets, and Craig had criticized Appia for being under the thrall first of the music and then of the dance. Kandinsky went further than even Craig and proposed that the theatre of the future would three elements: musical movement, colour movement, and dance movement—i.e., sound, colour, and mobile forms. All of these elements wereof equal value. In his longer essay (1914), Kandinsky set out in complex terms how this new theatre, based on spirituality rather than materiality, could be constructed.

When electricity was tamed and transformed into something less dangerous, the number of applications for this invention went to the roof. The theater benefited much, especially at the advent of the Digital Age.

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This means there was no electricity at the time when Shakespeare started out as a weaver of stories and plays. There was nothing that can be seen in terms of technological breakthroughs in sound, lighting and stage design. All of these components found in the modern theater can be taken for granted by modern theater enthusiasts but it is better if one reminds himself or herself what it was like before all these inventions came to be.

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What unites Meyerhold and Piscator is their concept of an infinitely variable theatre within an oval shell, which would provide the total means to construct the environment and stage–audience relationship best suited for each production. Piscator commissioned plans for such a theatre from , director of the Bauhaus. The project was called Totaltheatre. A remarkably similar building was designed for Meyerhold. Neither were ever built.