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In a milieu of therapeutic pluralism, sources of legitimation are also plural and contested. In this essay, I draw on ethnographic observations and interviews with people who attend women at birth in an urban Malawian community—both in health centers and hospitals, and outside of the spaces labeled medical—to explore...

Since the post–World War II era, anthropologists have studied medical pluralism, and the subject remains salient today as this fine collection of essays demonstrates for Africa. Indeed, that pluralism has become even more complex and influential in Africa as globalization has brought Chinese financial investment...

This broad term helps us understand health care systems and health care seeking behaviours within specific cultural contexts. The process of seeking medical treatment depends on the availability, convenience, and religious views amongst other factors in each culture. In some cultures this approach of medical pluralism works to one’s advantage, but in others, can have various consequences as seen through each example provided in this essay. Biomedicine shows dominance over popular medicine and continues to test the ladder that is still widely practiced. Popular medicine, however, still stays part of the pluralistic setting.

THIS medical pluralism essay essay examines the idea of tolerance in our advanced industrial society

Despite being very different countries, Africa and Australia share a phenomenon termed medical pluralism. This form of health care is indeed pluralistic as it “consists of the totality of medical subsystems that coexist in a cooperative or competitive relationship with one another” (Baer 2004, p. 109). Although medical pluralism is not recent by any means, it is still used differently in various cultures around the globe. This essay will first describe the array of healthcare strategies that form different cultures’ pluralistic health care systems and how these cultures choose which path to take.

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In the early 19th century, "U.S. medical pluralism was a war zone" (Kaptchuk & Eisenberg 190). In 1847, the American Medical Association (AMA) was founded, in an attempt to protect orthodox medicine from "other" alternative therapies, combating any deviance with their Committee on Quackery (ref). Until recently, one of the medical community's main concerns was combating alternative therapies. An alliance with the government through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration secured biomedicine's elite status for years to come. Though the elitism of the modern U.S. medical system is exclusive, Charles Leslie, in his essay , reminds us:

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2. Medical Pluralism. Pick a country or a subnational group and do a review of the traditional and alternative medical/healing systems coexisting with biomedicine. In what ways do these alternative medical systems support and reinforce or contradict and undermine the so-called “modern,western biomedicine”? Joseph Bastien’s (1992) offers one possible model for this essay, but there are many others.

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