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In order to regulate immigration policy, the federal government provided the 287(g) program. The first state to enter the activities was Florida, having security concerns after the act of terrorism in September 2002. It was the first state to enter a 287(g) partnership with the federal government. Georgia entered the agreement in 2006, having immigration concerns as the motivation factor. As a result, the Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina legislatures have passed strict immigration enforcement laws discriminating against immigrants. To secure the borders and remedy the ailing economy, in April 2010, the state of Arizona passed the Arizona Senate Bill 1070. It added criminal punishment to federal immigration law and directed the enforcement officials to arrest individuals for not carrying the IDs. After Arizona’s enactment of Senate Bill 1070, undocumented immigrants were terrified of any police contact, even in the cases when they were victims of crimes. The civil rights of the undocumented immigrants raise considerable concerns. Searching for a better life, illegal immigrants from Mexico chose dangerous routs to cross the border. Risky transits across the desert and mountains result in the great number of deaths among them. Having arrived in the United States, illegal immigrants have to accept any employers’ offers because of the fear of deportation. They are often severe exploited by employers and work for low wages and little benefits (Bender, 2010).

I Am Asian American | Teaching Tolerance - Diversity, In addition, about 15 percent of Asian Americans are of mixed race Historically, people of Asian descent have faced racial discrimination in the United States This collection of essays explores the impact of living in the United States as aIs There Asian-American Discrimination in Feb 2016 Worried about discrimination against Asian Americans in college admissions? We explain what it is and how you can combat itAsian American Essay | BartlebyWhile professional athletes of color are not discriminated against to the point of wanting Using Asian-Americans to Justify Racism and Prejudice EssayAsian Immigration and the racism against Asian Americans faced challenges of racism through governmental policies and actions in the mainstream starting with post Civil War As blacks were usefulAsian Americans Then and Now | Center for Global Education A look at the long history of Asian Americans and its role in shaping US identity The essay also looks at the push-pull factors that have helped define then faced contadictory experiences of discrimination and opportunity the U S However,Free Asian American Essays and PapersFree Asian American papers, essays, and research papers These discriminatory statements towards the few Asians and me on the team were things we

The information from this article relates a lot to what was learned in class in one way. According to information about education and immigration, we learned that individuals should have access to public education in any country in the world without discrimination. In addition, the article asserts that it is in fact, a legal requirement in the USA that all residents are free to access public education.

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As the global economy secures cheap and flexible labour through immigration and offshore production, sexism, racism and class prejudices become personified through the women who are entering the labour market as suppliers of cheap and unorganized labour. This process increases women’s vulnerability to multiple forms of discrimination and subordination. At the same time, the global development of international human rights protection opens new spaces for women’s individual and collective struggles against all and multiple forms of discrimination.

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This strict campaign, provided by the Arizona SB 1070, was stopped as being inconsistent with the federal immigration scheme in June 2010. In July 2010, the US Department of Justice made a claim against the state of Arizona. It argued that Arizona has exceeded its powers in the regulation of immigration, having passed Arizona Senate Bill (Greek, & Yoder, 2012). Focusing on the fact that states may not legislate on immigration, the Supreme Court gave an official decision about the privilege of the US Congress and the executive branch to introduce immigration laws. It places emphasis on the issue that states have no right to pass laws or provide enforcement policies, contradicting federal law. The Court banned three of the four clauses as not corresponding to the federal law. The publicity is concerned that the fourth provision, requiring Arizona officers to verify the immigration status of any individual they stop, was not dismissed. It may lead to gross negative effects and invite racial profiling in its enforcement. In response, the Supreme Court proclaimed that these activities are to be implemented according to the federal law. The police officer may stop the individual, but the decision about the punishment remains for the federal courts. As for the fourth clause, giving official permission for Arizona police to verify the immigration status of people they have detained, the Court highlighted that an official decision about its validity would depend on the circumstances. In cases of racial profiling, it may be illegal. It would violate the core values of American society – Freedom. This ruling of the Supreme Court is a significant loss for anti-immigrants forces.

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The author of this article is talking about the discrimination of school admissions. According to her, there have been reports from reliable sources that many schools in the United States were demanding students to produce their national documents to show their nationality. Consequently, based on the nationality of each student, the school administration denied some of them chances for admission. Majority of those who did not have opportunities for admission were not citizens of the USA (Armario, 2011).

Chinese immigration to this nation is a shameful chapter in our history. Knowledge of this history of discrimination against the Chinese and changes resulting from Supreme Court decisions will serve as an important basis for better understanding two novels that I plan to teach: by Fae Myenne Ng and by Amy Tan. Chinese men flocked to our western coast in search of gold in the 1840s and in search of work on the railroads later in the century. Many were lured under false pretenses, and streets paved with gold and opportunity were not to be found as expected. Again in the 1940s another wave of immigration occurred, prompted by the coming of communism in China. Discrimination was awful and intense. Many of the injustices were addressed by the courts. For example, is it acceptable for a law to be applied arbitrarily to one group while another group continues to defy the law with impunity? Also, do aliens have equal protection under our constitution? Such was the basis for a case that eventually made it to the Supreme Court late in the nineteenth century of Yick Wo vs. Hopkins.

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Describe the scope of coverage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Summarize the role of Title VII on businesses and describe how race, color, and national origin are protected. 3 slides Must include 1 scholarly source