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Now that we've reviewed the basic substance of an editorial, let's learn how to write an editorial using three simple lesson ideas. First, we'll identify the elements of persuasive writing used in writing editorials, then we'll identify the differences between facts and opinions, and lastly, we'll practice crafting logical, well-supported reasons to support that all important topic!

Step 3: Remind students that factual information is needed to support an editorial's topic sentence. An editorial supported only by opinions would not be highly persuasive to a reader, as it lacks authority. Distribute newspaper and magazine editorials you've collected beforehand. Have students locate examples of facts and opinions, highlighting each with alternate colors. Discuss your findings together.

First, a quick review of what defines an editorial. Make sure your students understand this basic definition. Editorials are opinion pieces for newspapers and magazines, either in print or online. An editorial expresses an opinion about a current issue or topic. If no opinion exists, then the article is considered an expository text. The author of an editorial expresses a specific bias, with the intent of persuading the reader toward particular thoughts or actions.

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Writing and ColumnsWhat is an ?An is usually written by the editor or one of the writers on his or her behalf and itrepresents the views of the newspaper. Also in section, you will find other people’sopinions on the same subject or others. They are known as...

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The editorial topics for kids should be interesting to write on and they should arouse the reader's interest. School kids can start with subjects like forthcoming elections in their town, ill-effects of consuming fast food, etc. Such editorials help in creating awareness in children about what's happening around them. It is observed that children enjoy doing work that involves asking questions and finding information. Such type of activities allow children to sharpen their analytical skills and satiate their curiosity. You may choose from the following .

A fun bonus project: assign editorial topics or suggestions based upon familiar . Should a prince choose a bride based upon whether a girl's foot fits a certain glass slipper or a young lady can feel a pea most uncomfortably through twenty mattresses? Or perhaps an opinion piece on ! Was Paul Bunyan practicing ecological stewardship by logging the Pacific Northwest and then carelessly carving out the Grand Canyon? Write editorials about the behavior of animals in different . Should the ants have shown more compassion to the hungry grasshopper in the dead of winter?

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Generally well-written editorials are ones with ample facts to support the writer's view. If the topic is interesting, your editorial can become quite long. That, however, is no measure of good work. Some of the best editorials are concise and yet, highly successful in making a strong point. This largely depends on the writing skills of the writer, and that's something which only gets better with time.

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You should keep the paragraphs brief and to the point. Your editorial should have at least three arguments, each backed by strong facts, statistical data, and examples from the past, and yet, it should not become too long. But obviously, the length of the article will depend on the topic you choose and what you have to say about it. While there is no rule of the thumb as such, somewhere around 600 words should be sufficient.Well prepared, they say, is half done. Now that's one rule which applies to almost everything you do. In this case, you have to be well-versed with the content and layout of your write-up before you begin writing your editorial. Preparing an outline will give you a rough idea as to how you should go about it. You need to make sure that you have the necessary facts and evidence to support your arguments. Simple things, like accurate statistics, pertinent quotes of eminent personalities, and/or valid examples from the past, can boost the credibility of your editorial.With these three lessons, your students now have a solid understanding of how to write an editorial. Don't be surprised if you find spontaneous, convincing editorials on your desk regarding the cafeteria menu, the amount of homework assigned, or listening to music in the classroom!The academic essay is merely a specific writing genre–asis the love letter, newspaper editorial, or pop-fiction. Asa genre, it functions within a set of norms, rules, andconventions. The purpose of this discussion is to makeclear to you what those rules and norms are, and how to use themto express your argument clearly.