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School homework is given in most of the schools. But the question is whether it should be given or not. In my opinion,the homework plays a genuine role in nurturing one's capabilities. I believe that it would help in various ways by sharing some examples.
But as some people have view that homework should not be given as the child wouldn't be able to use his inbuilt abilities. He just stuck to the point which teacher would ask him for. Secondly, some other believe that it is tiring for children , after day long learning sessions in school, to come and do tiresome homework. Lastly, others consider it a heavy job that their children won't able to have enough leisure time for extracurricular activities.
In spite of that i support the view. Supremely, it helps the children to mange their study time. and also how to adjust with their sleeping hour and activities. Moreover, it makes one responsible in character building. So he would be able to become a helpful addition to family and society. Last but not the least, homework appears to be a good practice task. It is a kind of revision which they learnt in morning. In isolation one would be able to learn more and better without interruption. In addition , as some tasks need practice. Homework is a suitable and convenient way to apply knowledge. So there is a clear advantage of having homework.
Thus concluding paragraph, having homework would increase the innate thinking and helps in polishing and career building. Thus, it is highly recommended.

On the other hand, giving youngsters homework by their educators may lead to diminishing returns on the part of the children. For instance, after a long day at school, the teenagers need to rest especially after taking extra-moral classes. Secondly, there are a lot of distractions at home ranging from television programs and siblings engage in one form of fun game or the other, these distractions most time do not create a healthy environment for the children to engage in effective homework, thus leading to waste of time.
In conclusion, in as much as there are drawbacks to giving homework to children by tutors for reasons such as distractions at home and mental saturation due to excess workload, however, homework plays a key role in the educational development of the children such as building mental dexterity, providing effective feedback, and nurturing self reliance in the children. I am of the opinion that homework plays a crucial part in the children educational development.

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People have different views about whether teachers should give homework to their students. While homework seems unnecessary to some people, I believe that certain amount of homework would be beneficial for children education.

People disagree with the idea of giving homework for several reasons. Firstly, doing homework does not improve educational outcomes according to some research. In other words, learning academic subjects during school time can fully support students to understand and cover their key subject areas. Achievements of countries like Finland could be seen as a good example. Secondly, school is just as demanding as a full time job, and children are too tired to do extra studies after school. Teachers should not therefore expect students to do homework. Whenever they have free time, children should be encouraged to simply enjoy with their friends or doing their hobbies.

In spite of the above arguments, I believe that some extent of homework is necessary for students, and that would be helpful for their future as adults. Homework can offer children a variety of skills and abilities. The main advantage of practising homework is that it encourages them to study independently and solve problems by themselves. Moreover, they would be able to put the theoretical knowledge learnt in the classroom to practice at home. For example, if children are working out maths exercises on their own, this will help building confidence in problem solving. In this way, school children will be better prepared to become competent adults for their future.
In conclusion, although doing extra school lessons at home does not seem essential to other people, I would support some degree of homework to enable our children to learn independently.
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People have different views about the effectiveness of homework in children’s educational developments. While some may argue that this is a waste of time and ineffectiveness, I tend to believe that homework do more good than harm.

There are a variety of reasons why some people argue against giving more home exercises to school pupils. Firstly, homework does not improve or enhance children’s performance at school. Many institutions have seen no apparent changes as regard to educational outcomes. Taking Finland achievements in education as an example, it is true that this nation is applying no homework programme, the secret behind the success of Finland's school system, which makes them become the most prestigious choice of studying overseas. Secondly, school-time nowadays is extremely long-lasting, which sometimes lead to fatigue, poor performance and even bad behaviour at school. Finally, leisure time and hanging out with school peers is equally as beneficial for students’ development as the time spending in classes.

Despite of the arguments mentioned above, I would argue that a specific amount of homework is obviously essential. The main reason is that children can develop and progress entirely at their own pace while solving and handling with schoolwork given to them. This can also be beneficial in terms of applying important knowledge and skills taught in morning lessons. For example, maths definitely encourages school students to improve solving problem ability which can be employed later in the adult life. Having such vital skills on school leavers’ CV can definitely impress many university admission officers or business employers.

In conclusion, while there are some disadvantages of doing a large exercise at home, it is my firm belief that children can benefit better and fully develop when solving these home tasks.
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In spite of the above argument, I support the view that school children should necessarily have homework. Supporters of this views believe that doing homework would help young student to acquire critical skills such as independent learning and problem solving. Moreover, students are able to apply knowledge learnt in the classroom when solving exercises and thus homework helps them to memorise lesson longer. For example, in order to answer math exercises, students would need to consolidate ability to deduce logically and concentrate. as a result, home exercises prepare people essential skills and knowledge for their future career paths.

Homework has long been an approach implemented by most educational organisations. However, there are debates concerning whether young students should be assigned homework or not. Personally, I believe that giving homework would be essential for children.
People disagree with homework for several reasons. Firstly, opponents believe that homework does not always effectively improve educational outcomes. Achievements of countries such as Finland would be a specific example proving that it is unnecessary requiring pupils to do their homework. Secondly, children are often exhausted after school because official study is relatively time-consuming. Finally, it is argued that instead of giving student with loaded homework, students should be given time to play at home since it is equally important for their development.

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