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Ann simplifies writing your personal statement for college applications.

Except for preparing your admission essay and cover letter, we offer application paper revision and free consultations in case you have no idea how to do it on your own. We can help you overcome low test scores, bad GPA, lack of experience, and other obstacles on your way to college admission success. Our personal statement help is about highlighting your strong points!

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Our team of experienced personal statement writers as well as decorated ex-lecturers from among the top UK universities and colleges make sure your personal statement is what the tutors are looking for in one –

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The of such documents are experts with a background of various successful personal applications. To be able to help with personal statement it is necessary not only to have academic degrees, but also persuasive writing skills, like our experts do. Personal statements help is different from assistance with papers in the following terms:

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Having said that, why would a tutor select your statement out of the thousand others applied for the same subject? We, the Personal Statement Folks, make sure your personal statement is the reason – unique to your capabilities and experience as well as professionally drafted! If you consider applying to any of the 106 UCAS listed colleges, your personal statement should speak of your interests, skills and experience in the subject you are intending to apply for.

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