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How does one write a comparison/contrast essay to show of the two stories, "A Handful of Dates by El Tayeb Salih or "A Matter of Balance" by W. D. Valgardson, which one is more interpretive?

Short stories In this essay I am going to look at three different short stories by different writer. I am going to look at how the writer is creating the story effective by looking at the words, phrases, the use of the language. I am also going to compare the short stories by stating out the similarities and differences. The three stories that I am going to write about are Civil Peace, The Green Leaves and The Handful of Dates. I chose this because they have similar aspect i.e. money. How money make their life? Happy or Sad? What will be the end result? This story creates interesting and effective that make the reader to read the stories. In this comparison I will be comparing three short stories form three different cultures. In this essay I will be discussing the main themes that are mentioned in these stories. The themes that I will be demonstrating are religion, violence and nature. The three short stories that I will be studying are as follows; 'Civil Peace' (Chiuna Acheba), 'The Green Leaves' (Grace Ogot) and 'A Handful of Dates' (Tayeb Salih) These above stories share the similar themes because it involves cultural and tradition themes. 'Civil Peace' unwraps in eastern Nigeria after the civil war has ended.

The boy was very proud of his family but when he finds out that he was not a good person. The opening paragraphs represents that the story is personal 'I' and the character is telling his past. There is a theme of religion in this story because it has clear imagery in opening paragraph "I would go to the mosque to learn Koran" this is based on Islam religion , Muslims people has to do it. The writer has used irony in the story "...recite the chapter of merciful..." and on the other hand the grandfather is not being merciful to Masood. The writer is surrounding the history of Muslims people culture and traditional. Culture and historical influences on a text are so important because the story starts off with culture and religion and ends in culture and religion theme. The writer also mentions the nature and religion theme together in the story " belongs to my grandfather ever since Gods creation". The story ends in greediness and the boy finds out about the real image of the grandfather. These three short stories involved the surrounding of history, culture and traditional themes. These were the main element of the stories. The other themes that were discussed in this essay were greediness which involved in all three stories. Civil Peace about stealing the money, Green Leaves intention of stealing the money and finally Handful of Dates old man tricks Masood for the money.

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