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(c) Anomie Suicide results from the state of normlessness or degeneration found in soci­ety.

There are three main problems in the Suicide Squad film. First, there are too many characters crammed into the story, which results in most of them being insufficiently fleshed out. Not that it would matter, because another major issue is that the plot of the film is as rote as they come. It is your standard, “Big Bad makes a Doomsday Device” story line, and fails to distinguish Suicide Squad from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, much less better films. And finally, with such weak characters and plot elements, there is absolutely nothing for this film to espouse thematically. The ultimate result is a frustrating nothing of a film that screams for improvement. With a few keen alterations, each of these elements can be bettered, and hopefully the end result is a much more satisfying piece of cinema.

The primary goal in a young female's life is to marry because, in baldest terms, in ancient society a female necessarily was predominantly in the control of a male. Before marriage, that control was held by her father, but at marriage she was physically, economically and psychologically transferred to a new , her husband. The physical and psychological dependence of females on males was so socially ingrained that the female personality and social function was only complete in its relationship to the male. It logically follows, then, that upon the loss of the male authority, females may no longer perceive a societal role, and it is under such circumstances that suicide may occur.

By far the most common motivation for females to commit suicide in classical mythology is because of the loss of a male kin, most frequently the husband. Alcyone, Cleite, Cleopatra, Deianeira, Evadne, Hylonome, Laeodamea, Marpessa, Oenone, Polydora and Polymede are all wives who killed themselves upon the death of their husbands. As we can deduce from the many representations on Greek vases of women mourning that it is a female duty; committing suicide takes that duty one further, final step. Antigone (wife of Peleus), fearing she had lost her husband to another woman, took her own life. Stricken by grief, these women all found death at their own hands preferable to life without their husbands.

rate (1st five years only) for VN vets was 1.83% of all VN vet deaths (simply 1.11 x 1.65). Veterans Administration disability claim data appears to indicate that as of 1996, a total of roughly 363,000 VN vets (including those KIA) had died from all causes. The mythical rates would have us believe somewhere between 20% and 50% those deaths should have been from suicide. Even if the VN vet rate had remained constant at 1.83% of all deaths since the war, the AMA/NEJ/CDC predicted total would be less than 13,000 as of 1997. Patients of the VA Veterans Outreach Program (provides psychological counseling to VN & other vets), some of the most emotionally damaged survivors of the war, suffer

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Durant, who grew up in the area, managed her depression and anxiety for years with therapy and medication. But on this night, she was having intense thoughts of suicide and turned to the ER for help.

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Health workers and lawmakers are working to accommodate patients like Durant as America endures a suicide surge, with suicide deaths rising from 29,000 people to 43,000 people between 1999 and 2014. Some have tried to increase the number of psychiatric beds available to suicidal patients, a disappearing resource in recent years that forces patients like Durant to wait longs hours for care. Meanwhile, others are assessing whether the hospital is even the right place to start considering treatment.

Raymond Aron pointed out that Durkheim in his study of “suicide” has been successful in establishing a social fact that there are “specific social phenomena which govern individual phenom­ena. The most impressive, most eloquent example is that of the social forces which drive individuals to their deaths, each believing that he is obeying only himself.”

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focuses on the importance of valuing this life, and as such, suicide is tantamount to denying God's goodness in the world. Despite this, under extreme circumstances when there has seemed no choice but to either be killed or forced to betray their religion, Jews have committed individual suicide or (see , , and for examples) and as a grim reminder there is even a prayer in the Jewish liturgy for "when the knife is at the throat", for those dying "to sanctify God's Name" (see ). These acts have received mixed responses by Jewish authorities, regarded by some as examples of heroic martyrdom, while others state that it was wrong for them to take their own lives in anticipation of martyrdom.

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In the United States, suicide is not illegal but may be associated with penalties for those who attempt it. Physician-assisted suicide is legal in the state of Washington for people with terminal diseases. In , people with terminal diseases may request medications to help end their life.

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However, it is believed that mental illness or grave fear of suffering diminishes the responsibility of the one completing suicide. Counter-arguments include the following: that the is more accurately translated as "thou shalt not murder" (not necessarily applying to the self), that God has given free will to humans, that taking one's own life no more violates God's Law than does curing a disease and that a number of suicides by followers of God are recorded in the Bible with no dire condemnation.

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In India, suicide used to be illegal and surviving family could face legal difficulties. The Indian government repealed this law in 2014. In Germany, active euthanasia is illegal and anyone present during suicide may be prosecuted for failure to render aid in an emergency. has recently[] taken steps to legalize for the chronically mentally ill. The high court in , Switzerland, in a 2006 ruling, granted an anonymous individual with longstanding psychiatric difficulties the right to end his own life.