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Getting into and sticking to a routine while children are at school helps to rule out bad habits later on in life. Breakfast is vitally important for children at school both in terms of school work and weight. The brain needs replenishment of vital nutrients to help keep focussed, most of which can only be gained through breakfast foods. To help your children achieve the very best results, breakfast is a step in the right direction. Eating breakfast before school also helps reduce snacking on fatty high sugar foods, essentially helping to prevent weight gain.

A child is any human being below the age of 18 years, unless under the law, majority is attained earlier. Additionally, rights are what they deserve and what they should have in their life...

The authors were from the School of Early Childhood, Faculty of Education, Queensland University of Technology. In this article, they discuss work that helped children reveal their idea about their rights through art. The work covered both the joyful and the sober sides of children’s perceptions and – sometimes more significantly – their realities; and it produced some potent and graphic images. The article concludes with a set of five practical lessons that cover how to make the work possible with materials and resources that are available. But they also reveal what can happen when what children express is at odds with what some people and policy-makers want to hear.

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Human rights are for everyone. In the implementation of a rights curriculum, children can learn that the respect and dignity offered to them as individuals also belong to every person. Children can (and should) learn that everyone has the same rights, regardless of where they live or what they look like. In a classroom with right-consciousness, children will see that they can play a role on safeguarding human rights by always speaking out when unfair practices occur. Both parents and teachers need to become informed about how to act as guardians to children’s rights. When unfair practices are foisted upon children, it is the responsibility of every person to protect and safeguard human rights by taking positive action to assure children’s dignity. For this reason, it is important to listen carefully to children’s stories about their daily lives and, when warranted, to act on their behalf.

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Every right is accompanied by a corresponding responsibility. This lesson is an essential aspect of learning about rights, and should form a framework for a respectful classroom environment. Teachers have many opportunities for teaching about the issue of rights and responsibilities. There is a dynamic link between rights and responsibilities - for every right, each recipient is responsible to handle that right with care. In the case of protection from physical punishment, it is important for children to learn that adults will protect them from harm; it is equally important for children to learn that, in return, you expect them to refrain from causing harm to others as a sign of respect and acknowledgment of their shared human rights and responsibilities. Such lesson are essential in human rights education.

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Establish a philosophy and a setting that can be seen to be aware of and respectful of the rights of all who come through the door. Develop a program where children can take an active role in making decisions, in caring for their environment and in working collaboratively with others. Infants will learn about their rights in an environment where care providers adapt routines to children’s needs, honour their ideas and respond to their actions. Toddlers can take increasing control of their lives, so a rights-based environment should offer choices to children in decision-making, teach children to defend their rights, and protect children’s right to play. In preschools, children enjoy learning about their rights by experiencing equal treatment, reading picture books, discussing ideas, exhibiting their drawings and paintings, and thinking about the concept of fairness. In formal school environments, children should extend their participation in rights-based decision making through collaboration to develop class rules that honour each person’s rights and responsibilities. In a rights-based environment, children will feel free to discuss their rights and challenge any unfair practices that may exist.

There is no one way to begin the process of focusing on the rights of children. Each educational environment has its own special community needs and faces its own challenges. In our project, we learned some simple lessons about education for children’s rights.

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Children and Young Peoples Rights: Provision, Protection and Participation Assessment One The Children Scotland Act sets out the Rights of all children in Scotland and the responsibility of parents and those legally caring for a child. The Act also covers duties and procedures for public organisations such as Local Councils and Social Work Departments and Children’s Hearing System involved in promoting children’s welfare. The Act puts children first and states the rights of each child to basic standards of care, upbringing and nurture.

The foundations for this Act are, each child has the right to be treated as an individual, they have the right to express their views should they wish to do so and that parents should be responsible and share the responsibility of bringing up their child. I think that this law promotes the rights of children well as throughout the Act the child’s best interests and welfare are the highest priority when their needs are being considered.