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Robert E. Lee was also an important general responsible for commanding the Northern Virginia regiment of the confederate army. Lee was interesting in that even though he was a confederate commander he was believed be against slavery.

Lincoln's beliefs about America are forever engrained on the national psyche. Speeches such as the Gettysburg Address are still quoted and reflects the intent of the founding fathers. The Gettysburg Address states, "Four Score and Seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure ("The Gettysburg Address")." These words have been used at many throughout American history in times of distress and change. Also, the current president even took the cites……

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The Civil War in the United States can be considered as the darkest moment in its relatively young history. (Mitgang, 2000) His Gettysburg State of the Union Address is perhaps the shortest in history; but the depth of meaning and the profundity of emotions it invokes should never be forgotten. It starkly contrasts with the inane, self-congratulatory blather of modern presidential administrations.

This hotly contested War had amazing leaders. General Robert E. Lee, for the Confederates, was a gentleman's gentleman, brilliant tactician and wonderful human being. If one were to root for the Unionists as being on the right side of the Civil War, then Lee was a victim of circumstances, who merely happened to lead for the Southerners. (Robert E. Lee, soldier, patriot, educator, 1921) On the other hand, the General Ulysses Grant, the leader of the Union Army, won decisive battle after battle and……

Ward (2000) reckons that that the 1860 presidential poll between Lincoln and Douglas was essentially a referendum on slavery. Lincoln’s election angered a section of Southern states for fear that he would make good on his pledge to end slavery, which they believed had become part of the American culture. Led by South Carolina, they declared their secession subsequently forming the Confederate States of America. Scheduled diplomatic dialogue hit a stalemate. As the animosity grew, tension mounted culminating into a war pitting the Confederacy against the Union. This perpetuated an atmosphere of war as fear, hysteria and paranoia swept through America. Occasioned by full scale military confrontation and guerilla warfare, the civil war broke out in 1861 before Lincoln assumed office January. At the height of the war, the series of upheavals and military raids claimed the lives of thousands of American civilians and soldiers and leaving property worth millions of dollars destroyed.

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They think that it is the defeat of the South and will completely ruin the social, political, and industrial institutions of the South. 3a. What do the two main figures in the cartoon represent? Columbia represents the Government and the thin man choking is the rebels breaking the rules of the Constitution. 3b. What is the primary message of the cartoon? The government has power over the rebels, and will take action against them. 4a. According to this letter, what did Lee decide to do? Lee resigns from the Army, he thinks it is too much for him to handle at this time. b. How do Lee’s words contrast with the image of southerners as depicted in the cartoon from Document 3? In Document 3 the rebels of the south were at least trying to fight back but Lee is just giving up and resigning while the confederates need him it is a rather selfish act.. 5a. What does the person in the tree represent? The person in the tree represents the slave supporters of the Souththat will not agree with Lincoln and his views on slavery. 5b. What does the artist suggest is going to happen.If the South does not cooperate then conflict will arise between the two halves. 6a. How did the Union soldiers respond to the Emancipation Proclamation? One man saysslavery should be abolished and will cause peace in the future. While the other man states that Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation will be a negative effect to the union. 6b. How did Confederate soldiers respond to the Emancipation Proclamation? They think that the proclamation will produce dissensions and hurt the north and by this will help the confederates. a. According to this textbook excerpt, how could the Civil War could have been avoided? If the southern states did not secede, and if Lincoln did not decide to over react then the Civil War could have been avoided. Therefore, thousands of lives would have been saved. 7b.What do you think students studying the textbook believed about the Civil War? I believe the students would think that the Civil War was a conflict that never should have happened and the leaders of the country back then could have prevented it. a. What do you think happened in Atlanta before this picture was taken? I think a battle of the Civil War occurred here causing mass destruction of a developing city. Most likely taking lives of innocent citizens. 8b. How does this photo symbolize what was happening to the Confederacy in September 1864? Everyone in Atlanta Citizen or part of the Military was under attack. Sherman had his army destroying every building they could try to show the Unions power over the Confederates See More on

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At the start of the Civil War, there were no organizations of trained nurses in the United States. It took the devastation of the Crimean War (1854), seven years prior, and the appointment of England’s Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) in an official capacity to lay the foundation for modern nursing concepts and trained nursing care. While at Selimiye (Scutari) Barracks Hospital in Turkey, she clearly demonstrated the need for trained nursing care to support not only physicians’ and surgeons’ work, but, most importantly, to help with the sanitary, social and psychological needs of servicemen. Nightingale’s work cleared the path for middle and upper class women to seek a nursing career as an acceptable lifestyle. Women played a significant role in the Civil War. They served in a variety of capacities, as trained professional nurses giving direct medical care, as hospital administrators, or as attendants offering comfort. Although the exact number is not known, between 5,000 and 10,000 women offered their services. For the first two years the introduction of females into a male medical system was its own civil war.

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Thus, the Civil War and Reconstruction contributed to consistent changes in the US society among which the abolition of slavery was the main change that took place in the US in that time. However, the abolition of slavery, as the primary goal of the Civil War, brought African Americans freedom but not equal rights, liberties and opportunities. In fact, their rights and liberties were expanded as they got equal rights and liberties after the implementation of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the US Constitution (Watson 215). However, efforts of the federal government to provide African Americans with jobs and better life, they still remained in a disadvantageous position by the end of the Reconstruction, as the Freedmen’s Bureau folded up its operations and the federal government distanced from the support of African Americans. At the same time, the American Civil War and Reconstruction had achieved successfully another goal, which was not declared openly. The war and Reconstruction completed the profound economic change abolition the outdated mode of production, slavery, and expanding opportunities for the rapid industrialization of the entire nation, from the North to South. In addition, the war and Reconstruction had enhanced the role of the federal government, its authority and decreased the sovereignty of people and autonomy of states.