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This enabled Louis to maintain control and rule France as an absolute monarchy. Louis XIV used six ministers and thirty-four royal intendants that administered rule in the king’s name. The idea was that these intendants would report to their ministers who in turn took orders from the king. This enabled for the king to have control over a larger area then ever before, and also helped maintain his power. Although this idea looked promising the local authorities were too far from the centre of power, which resulted in little effective royal administration. Although Louis had competent ministers they often were not able to agree on any issues. General of Finance Jean-Baptise Colbert was able to reform taxation, reorganize industry and commerce, and implemented mercantilist policies by encouraging the building of merchant vessels.

Finally, we considered the accusation that Louis XIV destroyed the French economy through mercantilism. Not only did it appear to us that Louis was innocent of this charge, it also appeared that in some respects he actually helped the French economy. We determined this from the testimony of defense witness Jean-Baptiste Colbert, who governed the finances of France.

... faith”. Louis XIV was successful in accomplishing this central, powerful French monarchy. To achieve “one king” in France, Louis formed himself into an absolute and glorified ...

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Louis XIV was also known as the “sun king” due to his use of the symbol as his personal emblem. As the highest star, now accepted by science as the centre of the universe, the sun was an obvious choice to symbolize absolutism’s claim to constitute the political centre of earthly life. The sun was both terrifying and awe inspiring, dazzling through its brightness, yet also warming and beneficent, and without its presence all life would whither away.

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By the 1680’s, however, Louis XIV and his government were successful in achieving their goal of political assimilation. The Roussillonais had accepted France as their political rules but continued to conduct their legal, commercial, judicial, and religious business in the Catalan language, continued to dress as Catalans, to give their children Catalan names, and to celebrate traditional feasts. They were quite firmly French in a political sense, and equally firmly Catalan in their culture. [4]

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Sophie comes from Saint-Germain en Laye, the birthplace of Louis XIV. As a child, Sophie wanted to become an artist. She studied Business of Contemporary Art at IESA. Her favorite piece is Allegory of Victory.

Louis XIV threatened to kick them out of the country, or if they stayed, execute them. This was a huge deal because the majority of Huguenots were businessmen, tax payers, had the financial skills France needed and were also producers of important goods. Because hard money displayed how powerful a country was, it was the most important thing to Louis, he wanted to export more goods than import, meaning he would sell a great amount of goods in order to get the most gold and silver he possibly could. Agriculture was encouraged, this way he did not have to import from other countries and lose his hard money.

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Françoise d’Aubigné marquise de Maintenon was the Louis XIV’s second wife. She was the most highly educated woman in court and 32 years old when she married Louis XIV. She was a great influence on the King. She was a remarkable woman that spent the later parts of her years dealing with education by devoting her time to academies and writing essays about education.

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The first count of recklessly waging war for 33 years was one of the most contentious issues of the trial. I came to my final decision for several reasons. To start, the defense did not present adequate evidence to support the conclusion that Louis XIV had good reason to wage war for so long. The prosecution supported their contrary case with much evidence, however. The prosecution had several witnesses, for example, such as John Churchill, who testified that Louis’ wars “upset the balance of power.”

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Louis XIV had lost all direct decedents but two of his illegitimate sons and granted both of them Prince of Blood titles in his will, but they were stripped of this power by his successor. He died in 1715 after ruling as king for 72 years. He was buried at the Basilica of St. Dennis.