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Read these Tweets about the then current fall 2014 scandal in video-gaming:

The sad stupidity in play here is that the children of people who worked hard to marginalize things like a KKK or neo-Nazism are working hammer and tongs to ensure the toxic principles of such a thing are mainstreamed across America. Illusion and perception are powerful tools - as I point out about Orwell's doublethink again and again - and the truth is people willfully will not see people like Sarkeesian or Brianna Wu for what they are and what they are selling. They can't - they have no principles that allow simple comparisons and contrasts to be made; they are literalist identity addicts - they can see only hoods and crosses.

This is a net the SFF community has woven for itself by resorting to race and gender to sort out right and wrong instead of a moral ethos. It's no surprise they're tripping over each other with mindless attacks based on the same thing. People like John Scalzi and Jim Hines are only ever a skin's thickness from suddenly becoming privileged reactionaries, as Scalzi learned when he was excoriated for not being intersectional enough by a gender feminist who used the exact same oddball lingo like which Scalzi himself promoted on his own blog. The same is true of Dunham and Sarkeesian. None of them has figured out the "white" in straight white male includes them, or what intersectionality truly means and is. Just ask Adele Wilde-Blavatsky. And because of intersectionalism's equally oddball doctrines based on rules of poker, while they complain about the white, Western, patriarchy, they find themselves in alliance with Middle Eastern Muslims that would reduce them to second class citizens at best and enslave them at worst.

If a man had done what Dunham had, the SFF community would have lit up Twitter coast-to-coast and 50 blog posts would be written about it. Instead they went silent except for, ironically, their own racists. When you can get them and someone in the mainstream press like Laurie Penny to shut up by a tacit unconscious agreement, that actually speaks volumes. And let me remind you of how the mind of Penny works, here reacting to classic SF in a classic example of vacuous feminist art appreciation:

And this is what Damien Walter had to say about the Dunham dust-up: ""

There is a point where an innocent and perhaps even noble concern about diversity crosses a line and becomes something else entirely, shorn of actual events, carrying on long after it needs to carry on, a victim of its own momentum, institutionalized, made rigid, eventually changing positions with the thing it strove to fight against. Were it up to the PC SFF community America would still be dropping bombs on Berlin. That is a thing that needs to be guarded against, perhaps by making some effort to declare a goal of some sort. Recognizing that half of all SFF being written by women might be a good start. Otherwise it goes on and on long after there is something that needs fixing, even when the supposed underdog comes to occupy institutions and have little left to tilt at but windmills. Bereft of actual events, all that's left is identity rancor, and in some cases, that's all that may have been there in the first place, since anti-oppression movements make excellent hiding places for something other than noble goals.

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Clearly shocking awesome sauce. In whatever dark hole art has been thrown into, someone should administer the coup de grace and stick a fork in it. And when you're done with that, do the same for the words "alert" and "conscious," because apparently Stormfront has a cute little pug-nosed cousin with pig-tails and slightly different interests. It is unbelievably odd to read teen banter Dear Diary rhetoric like that. It is so casually stated and so unaware of itself amidst language that reads like a 12 year old girl with braces. It's like a Barbie doll with a recording that says "Ken and I don't go around Jews" or Pokemon talking about white privilege. If there are people who think anti-oppression movements don't go overboard and themselves become a problem, to me, the above is proof they do, because that type of speech is being blithely mainstreamed, not just into the heart of the SFF community, but into America itself. Take that type of speech and thinking and extend it out to it's logical end game and tell me what you see. To me, it is precisely its lack of self-awareness and consciousness of itself that makes it so dangerous.

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Yeah, that's "pretty awesome." After that spot on impression of someone addressing a literary politburo in China in the 1960's, her blog partner, who for some unfortunate reason also does reviews for Kirkus, adds this about the books she had read, and she puts Ancillary Justice as her second favorite of the year:

"I gave 3 books a perfect 10 – fewer than the two previous years – and only one of those to a book published in 2013 (Ancillary Justice). I read a whopping 112 books written by female authors, amounting to 75% of my reading and that’s pretty awesome. The vast majority of what I read was Speculative Fiction (25 were Scifi – a lot for me), 36 were Middle Grade (24%, fewer than last year) and 50 were YA (33%). I am SO not impressed with the number of books with PoC protagonists (about 20 or 13%) or by authors of colour (14 or about 9%) I’ve read this year; I am equally disappointed in myself about the number of books with LGBTQ protagonists I read (12 or 8%) which just goes to show how the best intentions are nothing if you are not alert and conscious of what you choose to read. Goal number 1 for 2014: be more conscious about choosing what I read so that I can truly read more diversely."

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"Shanley Kane retweeted Lauren Chief Elk ‏@ChiefElk Jun 26 Who has talked about settler colonialism, and two-spirit people in regards to equality in regards to the land you illegally occupy today?"

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The problem with those Tweets doesn't reside in the Tweets themselves, but in the idea if anyone else does it (and in fact whites, men and heterosexuals in SFF do not ideologically promote their own identities) it's racist and supremacist. The other problem is it is stipulated there are in fact such anti-non-white racist and supremacist currents in the SFF community, but there is no institutional opposite to those Tweets within the SFF community - none at all. No one is Tweeting "Buy American SF," or "White Men in Horror now..." Yet it is asserted by the race and gender ideology that lays behind the political correctness within SFF that that is exactly the case and that it is WRONG to do so. It is a lie to say that type of white male advocacy is happening, and an easily proven lie. Not only that, it is a paranoid lie, since it can be so easily shown the only supremacists engaging in supremacy are the politically correct themselves. One has to be delusional to maintain a thing is true when you can't produce evidence of it and yet indulge wholesale in that act yourself, strewing about hundreds of quotes to that exact effect. Not only is no one advocating white literature, men can't even use the word "lady" without the second retweeter, the Hugo-nominated Foz Meadows, by employing her own with "old white guys," a rather eccentric methodology to be sure, and one where hypocrisy becomes a positive binding principle. In fact the racialized language Meadows uses is as common on her side of the fence as it is uncommon on the so-called racist other side of the fence, as you will learn in this book.