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There are no fundamental unsolved problems in the way of moving to an energy economy in which alcohols replace petroleum as the principal energy carrier for transport; the technology of alcohol synthesis and transport is quite well understood. All that needs to happen is for oil prices to rise to the point where conversion pays off in the foreseeable future. This is why I don’t even waste a thought on the peak-oil crowd; peak oil is a self-solving problem.

Also, my bet is on ethanol/methanol as a long-term hydrogen carrier. Molecular hydrogen is too explosive in the presence of oxygen and too good at leak-seeking; alcohols have the huge advantage of being liquid at room temperature and thus can be handled with much less expensive infrastructure. Also, a transport net based on hydrogen fuel cells would need more palladium (for catalyst) than we’re going to get without large-scale asteroid mining. But best of all, converting current internal-combustion engines to burn alcohol is an almost trivial modification, well within the capabilities of a neighborhood auto shop.

WildMonk, I think you’ve uttered a better summary of what I’ve experienced reading Left theory than I could write. I’d add only that the similarity between postmodern-left and modern Islamic critiques is not accidental parallelism, but reflects a common inheritence from Leninism. The Islamists got their version through Fascism; as I’ve pointed out before, both the Baath party and the Muslim Brotherhood consciously imitated classical-Fascist doctrine and organization, which were in turn largely constructed by former Leninists like Mussolini.

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This opposition seems to interpret “presumed consent”ascriptions as meaning: Presumably, the patient has given actual(albeit tacit) consent. The opponents seem right on point: it goes too far to assume that, just because a patient fails to carry in her pocket a directive forbidding care or organ harvesting in the event of an emergency or death, she can be understood as consenting. However, on a different interpretation, presumed consent ascriptions mean: Presumably, the patient would have consented to theintervention if, under the current circumstances, she weredecisionally-capacitated. A possible ground for suchcounterfactual ascriptions is that there is no special informationthat indicates that the patient would not consent, and most peoplewould consent. This interpretation seems to sidestep thedifficulty.

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MMP-9 staining in the epidermis changed significantly from basal cell pattern in 70% of the controls to a suprabasal single cell or patchy epidermal cell–staining patterns in patients with MF …

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Whether or not Captain Herrick knew about the South Vietnamese commando raids, the administration knew very well that the North Vietnamese attack on the Maddox was provoked by these raids. At a National Security Council meeting in which the events of August 2 were reviewed, CIA director John McCone explained that the North Vietnamese “are reacting defensively to our attacks on the off-shore islands. They are responding out of pride and on the basis of defense considerations.” That understanding was never shared with the public. The U.S. had thrown the first punch and North Vietnam had punched back, without effect; but the public was led to believe that North Vietnam had attacked the strongest nation on earth without provocation.

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“You guys are missing the point that the USSR was a communist regime and therefore hated any nation, plus it can not claim to legitimately represent Russia.”

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Also, as much as I do support some of your actions like when you went into Panama for overthrow that crook Noriega, what you did in Iraq or Afghanistan was seriously bad. And you did it just because hate of some ideology OR even because certain not racist, but racial distrust to the Russians, when they, with or without religion, have always been more traditionalist than you.

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You guys are missing the point that the USSR was a communist regime and therefore hated any nation, plus it can not claim to legitimately represent Russia.

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No. Capitalism – as subverted by a leviathan federal monstrosity that has abandoned the Guarantee of a Republican Form of Government – and Communism are two sides of the same coin. The confusion arises from the fact that the U.S. has not seen genuine capitalism since around 1865. Instead, we got “American System” economics, invented by H.C. Carey, promoted by Henry Clay and imposed through force of arms by his protege, Lincoln. It’s been a slow downhill roll ever since, and the collapsing U.S. economy and political infrastructure we’re watching is the endgame.