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The school advances knowledge through meaningful research, which is timely, relevant and contributes to social progress through education. The school’s research centers include the Center for Advancement of Research in Distance Learning, the Center on Education Policy, the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership, and the Center for Rehabilitation Counseling Research and Education.

Most students who enroll in our program begin to see themselves as college students, capable of something better for themselves and they realize a much different future involving work, education and caring for their families. They begin to see themselves as students, not as convicts. By lifting a restriction on AA degrees in prison, Washington can stretch existing prison dollars even further and build upon proven, grant-funded success stories.

The cost to incarcerate an adult in Washington is approximately $35,000 per year. The cost to provide education in prisons is approximately $2,500 per year. In a major national study, the RAND Corporation found that prisoners who become educated are 43 percent less likely to return to prison and that for every $1 spent on education, $5 is saved in reduced re-incarceration costs. Reducing recidivism means we are reducing crime in Washington.

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Given the poor purchasing power of people, lack of finances shouldn’t come in way of students to pursue courses of their choice. Educational loans, up to a high threshold amount should be made available at subsidized rates, without any collateral requirements. Branding education as a social sector obligation for Banks would go a long way in removing obstacles of finance while pursuing studying professional courses.

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Demographic divided, a once in a life time opportunity for a nation, is slowly going to taper off. There is nothing automatic about demographic dividend in terms of benefit. It can be harnessed only through skilling people and creating suitable opportunities for them. Promoting higher education is the only way to harness demographic dividend and transforming India into a knowledge economy.

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Information and communication technology (ICT) is a game changer in promoting higher education. NME-ICT is in place to address the issue of equity in access to quality education material and promote equity in between various technical institutions inter-se.

Remedial steps in higher education are mostly a prerogative of MHRD, Government of India. It has been taking a slew of measures to address the dismal higher education state in the country.

The online Early Childhood Education Bachelor’s degree requires 120 credit hours and includes the following professional courses:

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At the start of the current school year, Education Director Lionel Sands gave a brief report glossing over many of the problems we face. He promised that schools would analyse their exam results along with feedback from the community "to identify weaknesses, develop a plan, and submit documented evidence of improvements at the end of June."

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When I present it that way, I have no trouble getting the business community supporting these efforts. In fact, we have an organization here in Minnesota of business leaders that are promoting early education and scholarships. And in a number of states I have created some interest in creating an endowed fund that would do something like this.

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Under the heading "Education Officials Fired Up", a Miinistry press statement explained that this "school district improvement initiative is designed to improve student performance, enhance the learning environment and foster partnerships with all stalk-holders in the community."

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Partly, this is because the technical to and fro about BGCSE exam results obscures the basic problem. Since this exam is taken by every high schooler regardless of ability, it's only natural - as education officials point out - for the nationwide results to reflect a low average grade on an eight-point scale. That overall grade has fluctuated between a D- and D+ ever since the exam was introduced in 1993.

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Their initiative was triggered by "the crippling shortage of qualified Bahamians to fill jobs". And their first (22-page) report was issued in 2005 - during a national education conference. But Coalition leaders - including Barrie Farrington of Kerzner International and the late hotel union president Pat Bain - were unsuccessful in efforts to meet with government ministers and officials to discuss their findings.