The matter on hand is that should we drill for oil in Alaska ..

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Secretary Fred Seaton signed Public Land Order No. 2214. This order established the 8.9 million acre Arctic National Wildlife Range to protect the wildlife, wilderness and recreational values. This order closed the area to mineral entry. Twenty years later, Congress passed and President Jimmy Carter signed the Alaskan National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA). This more than doubled the original size to 19.8 million acres and established 8.6 million acres of the original area as wilderness (‘Alaska Wild'). This wildlife sanctuary is an awe-inspiring natural wonder. It contains an expanse of tundra with many marshes and lagoons with rivers situated between foothills of the Brooks Range and the wide, icy waters of the Beaufort Sea. Environmentalists said that this area "is the most biologically productive part of the Arctic Refuge for wildlife and is the center if wildlife activity." The importance of these resources is not measurable. The Arctic is home to such animals as caribou, polar bears, grizzly bears, musk oxen, whales, wolves and snow geese. This area is full of wildflowers and contains water of excellent, unpolluted quality and quantity. The Arctic Ocean costal plain is an area critical to the survival of many birds and mammals (‘Alaska Wild'). With all the good the Arctic National Wildlife refuge has to offer as a safe haven for endangered animals and plant life, comes the burden of sitting on an oil reserve. As noted earlier in 1980, under President Carter, the protected area was doubled. However, the oil industry lobbies succeeded in having the U.S. Senate refuse to designate the critically important Costal Plain as wilderness. Instead, Section 1002 of the Alaskan National Interest Lands Conservation Act legislation directed the Department of Interior

We have seen this too many times in the past, where violence will concur and repeating history and mistakes is something we should take into careful consideration. Do we want to take the land away from people who have there lived for centuries and have developed their way of life based on their land? One of the last of the world’s true wilderness, the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge is “one of the largest sanctuaries for Arctic animals, (where)… it is a vital birthing ground for polar bears, grizzlies, Arctic wolves, caribou, and the endangered shaggy ox” (Document E).

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The Alaskan Wilderness that we wish to drill belongs to the Inupiat Eskimo people. By drilling in their land, we would ruin their traditional way of life. They “rely on the land and resources of the North Slope for ... physical, …cultural, and …economic well-being” (Document D). The Eskimo people live on this land and although drilling may not have harmed them yet, slowly, over time, the land will degrade by pollutants and drilling. “We...

Should we drill for oil in Alaska s wilderness

Regarding the safety issues: hazardous activity is not in itself illegal. If it were there would be laws against motorcycles and cigarettes. You accepted the potential risks and took what precautions you thought prudent. Whether it was right, or even smart may be open to debate but ultimately you will live (or die) with the consequences. Yes, people do questionable and dangerous things and sometimes die because of it. Christopher McCandless walked into the Alaskan wilderness with no map and no compass and died within walking distance of an escape route that could have saved his life. Aron Ralston goes hiking without leaving a note and has to saw his own arm off. No matter how you choose to paint it, people do dangerous things for different reasons and no amount of finger-wagging is going to stop them.

Should we drill for oil in Alaska ..

The matter on hand is that should we drill for oil in Alaska’s wilderness

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