Discipline means obedience to a superior authority

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When someone starts talking they don't understand what they are doing to themselves. They are actually making it harder for themselves to learn. Students that talk usually get points off and disciplinary action, such as writing an essay. This extra work puts the student further behind in all their classes and takes their precious time. Since this essay would take about an hour to two hours the student must work into the night and possibly not complete their other homework or have time to study for quizzes. It also takes away the student’s sleep and makes them more irritable and more likely to misbehave because of their resentment or loss of respect for the teacher. All of this extra work generally lowers their GPA and raises their hatred of the world. This can also lead to worsening of existing anxiety and depression. If school is already hard to cope with more work can make the overall experience nigh hellish and the loss of respect from the teacher can also be hard to deal with. If the student already gets punished/ yelled at by all of the other adults in their life, the loss of respect from one more teacher can possibly push them over the edge. Their grades also drop because of the extra work and loss of focus. They are more likely to fail tests and quizzes assigned by that same teacher. They won't understand the homework or may not know they even had homework because they were talking. They may also forget the homework because they are distracted by the disciplinary actions. In addition, they may not have all their notes so won't be able to study for tests, if they even need notes to study. Furthermore, they might get detention that will lower their chances of succeeding in school and going to the college they want. Students that talk should understand that the teacher is only trying to help them and wants them to pass the class.

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For the rest of this essay I'll talk about tricks for coming upwith startup ideas on demand. Although empirically you're betteroff using the organic strategy, you could succeed this way. Youjust have to be more disciplined. When you use the organic method,you don't even notice an idea unless it's evidence that somethingis truly missing. But when you make a conscious effort to thinkof startup ideas, you have to replace this natural constraint withself-discipline. You'll see a lot more ideas, most of them bad,so you need to be able to filter them.

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