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I feel that I have met all the objectives of this assignment. I did my first draft, and then I wrote peer review letters. I used the peer review letters that I received and my scholarly sources to create a second draft. I met with you, and I used your input to assist me in creating a revision plan which I then used to revise my Digital Critical Essay. My final draft is now due although never complete, and I have prepared this reflective cover letter to give validity to all the work that I have produced. I hope that you find it acceptable.

The reflective cover letter asks you to draw upon the essays that we've read and discussed this semester and to explain how they have come to influence how you think about the value of writing. Consider, for example, how your sense of the role of writing in your life, as a student perhaps, has expanded as a result of engaging with our semester's readings.

The reflective cover letter is an opportunity for you to talk to me about what you've learned this semester from the essays we've read about the value of writing.

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