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When Barry merely explained that men are bad at cleaning but good at sports and women vice-versa, one might not be able to help themselves from shutting the book because the point made is so ridiculously overused; at his point it is practically common sense. At least, Britt brought something new to the table. In conclusion, Barry and Britt both used the same topic to include in a comparison and contrast essay however, they used different styles of humor, different ways of supporting there points, and ultimately different points and conclusions proved about the topic of cleaning.

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Throughout history, women have played a vital role in society. From nurturing family life in the home to fighting in revolutions to participating in politics, women have shown constant bravery and sacrifice in the face of the world’s adversity. Although today, women enjoy illustrious careers in business and politics, this was not always the case. By comparing and contrasting women’s suffrage movements in Western Europe and the lack there of in Latin America, we can see a clear picture of women’s roles from 1750 to 1914.

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Men and women are different in nature. They have distinctive attributes and characteristics that dictate how they behave and interact with one another. They exhibit different ways to deal with emotional and psychological issues in relationships. The purpose of this essay aims at comparing and contrasting how men and women behave differently in social circles.

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