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College Admissions Assistance (CAA) differs from other educational service providers because we have worked with tens of thousands of students and thousands of colleges to create a proven approach that combines the use of technology and personal coaching from our expert staff. With over 50 years of combined experience in the college-planning industry, our management team knows how to help students reach their college and career goals. We have helped over 30,000 students since 2007 and have invested millions of dollars to create our own proprietary online program that makes the complex process of finding the right career, and the right college at the right cost, a lot less stressful for students and parents.

Our undergraduate pro bono college admissions help for select members or former members of the United States Armed Forces is exactly that — free. College admissions, search, financial aid, and scholarship resources, plus paid Ivy League college counseling.

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College Admissions assistance -(CAA) is a private educational-service organization that provides expert college planning help to students and families nationwide.

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Admissions Bay College: Your Way UP! Fall semester begins August 28. It's time to apply for the Fall semester! Whether you’re attending college for the first time or coming back after years away, Bay College can help you reach your goal through small classes, affordable tuition and convenient class times and locations.

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Berkeley College has a rolling admissions process that is fast and easy, and help is available every step of the way. Acceptance decisions are based on more than just past performance in school—we consider potential for success as well. An Admissions advisor will help you choose a program of study, arrange a tour of the Berkeley facilities, and answer all of your questions.

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In addition to attending certification courses, some private admissions consultants have worked as admissions readers at universities. Many of their brochures will advertise that they are college application readers and can help with application writing. In most cases, this means they are temporary "external readers" hired for application season. That is, during every admissions reading period from December to February, most large universities hire temporary readers to help sort the great pile of applications. Much of the consultants' "inside knowledge" of the selection process is publicly available as well.

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In contrast, another parent was thrilled at having hired a college consultant to help her daughter apply for college. Alla Gershberg, a San Francisco real estate agent, put it this way to me. "Look, I help people buy and sell houses for a living. It's incredibly complicated to know the market, the product involved and how to position oneself as a buyer. People can do it themselves, but they are often much safer and more successful with the help of a professional." Indeed, many parents have little experience with college admissions or selection and experience the same kind of relief hiring a counselor. Ms. Gershberg feels: "$2500 was a small price to pay for peace of mind."

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It might be helpful to understand who your consultant is and what kind of preparation he or she has. As the market for independent consultants becomes increasingly crowded, many choose to enhance their knowledge of the admissions process as well as their ability to promote their own businesses through new certification programs, which are available through many university continuing studies programs. For example, The University of California at Berkeley, Extension has two different tracks for certification. The Certificate Program in College Admissions and Career Planning is open to candidates with a Bachelors degree and requires five courses for a total of 15 semester units (216 hours of instruction). The cost is about $4000. The Professional Program in College Admission Counseling is designed for professional counselors to improve their own marketing abilities and requires either a Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) credential or master's degree in counseling. In this program counselors take two required courses for a total of eight semester units (120 hours of instruction) and pay about $2,000 (not including course materials or one-time program registration fee.