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Ruth Glancy, a professor of English literature, states that the largest impact of was the influence felt by individual readers. In the spring of 1844 attributed a rise of charitable giving in Britain to Dickens's novella; in 1874, , after reading Dickens's Christmas books, vowed to give generously to those in need; and Thomas Carlyle expressed a generous hospitality by hosting two Christmas dinners after reading the book. In 1867 one American businessman was so moved after attending a reading, that he closed his factory on Christmas Day and sent every employee a turkey, while in the early years of the 20th century the sent gifts to London's crippled children signed "With Tiny Tim's Love". On the novella, the author wrote "The beauty and blessing of the story ... lie in the great furnace of real happiness that glows through Scrooge and everything around him. ... Whether the Christmas visions would or would not convert Scrooge, they convert us."

Dickens was not the first author to celebrate the Christmas season in literature. Among earlier authors who influenced Dickens was , whose 1819–20 work included four essays on old English that he experienced while staying at near Birmingham. The tales and essays attracted Dickens, and the two authors shared the belief that the staging of a nostalgic English Christmas might help restore the social harmony that had been lost in the modern world.

Salad Cream, particularly the Heinz brand, was a fairly common condiment in England when I was growing up but it seems to be far less popular in Canada, In our house, both in England, and later when my family moved to Canada, we used salad cream the same way that most people use commercial mayonnaise, or ‘’ and, indeed, whenever we said ‘mayonnaise’ we actually meant the Heinz, or else the brand of salad cream. Today, although I frequently use other mayonnaise products, using anything else other than Heinz Salad Cream on a sandwich of leftover Christmas Turkey just doesn’t seem right…

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One of themost important imaginary figures on this earth, who has touched the hearts andsouls of many children, is Saint Nicholas. St. Nick, better known as SantaClaus, is notorious for bringing gifts to children that are in need. Known forhaving a huge belly and a gigantic heart, Santa Claus brings hope to kids whoare hopeless and smiles to those who have lost theirs. While snuggled in theirbed, desperately trying to catch a wink of sleep, children around the worldawait the arrival of St. Nick. Dressed in red and with a jolly old smile, hemanages to fulfill the dreams of kids throughout millions of miles. Santa Clausbrings a whole new meaning to the season of Christmas.

Christmas is the greatest festival of Christians

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In English-speaking countries, the traditional dessert is Christmas plum pudding. Nowadays these are often bought from bakers, but many people make their own to a family recipe. The tradition came from the Middle Ages when the pudding was used to preserve some of the fruit from the Autumn until the mid-winter. A traditional pudding is baked six weeks before Christmas and is left tied up in a cloth, in a cool place. Stirring the pudding is sometimes a family tradition, with everyone making a wish as they stir. Traditionally a silver coin would be stirred into the pudding, to bring luck to the person who found it. Nowadays most coins cannot be used because they taste horrible and may be poisonous. Some families use old coins or silver charms. On Christmas Day the pudding must be boiled in a pot for several hours. When it is served, the cloth is cut off, is poured onto the pudding, and is set on fire before it is carried to the table.

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While his later writings would gain him wide-raging respect, it was in Walter Pater's early works that first gained him some notoriety. While essays such as 'Coleridge's Writings' and 'Leonardo da Vinci' were well received, 'Conclusion,' closing his collection entitled The Renaissance, was extremely controversial. The view that finding the rare moments of joy and ecstasy should be the purpose of life was considered by many to be counter to Christianity by subjugating Heaven to these mortal experiences. While Pater was reserved and even apologetic regarding the reception of this short essay, the views he expressed in it remained with him and were expressed in later writings, regardless of continued criticism.

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