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Ever wanted to play beer pong professionally? While beer pong may not yet be a major sport, a beer pong tournament is a step in the right direction. On Saturday, January 11th, 2014, in Burnaby will be hosting a beer pong tourney with cash prizes. That’s right, you can play beer pong – the drinking game of throwing a ping pong ball into your opponent’s pyramid of cups – for money!

I know a lot of people are against this game but it is a popular version of beer pong so as an informational piece we felt it was necessary to post the pic so people knew the rules of the game.

We play Dodge Beer here in Santa Barbara, and I have to say that it beats all of the others on this list. We had to replace Beer Pong over the summer because of the fires in the area, which were raining down ash and we couldn't fit our table in the house. Basically you must choose an even number of people (unlimited, but more players generally means a longer game) and have the teams on opposite ends of the table. Each player must have a can of beer (unopened) which they place in front of them near the end of the table. The beers should be evenly spaced, with as much space between them as possible
Just like beer pong, you can ro sham bo or face-off. To face off, each side has a ball, and on the count of three you throw the ball at a can and try to hit it. If nobody hits or both hit, some one new on each side must take a shot at it. Once one of the teams hits, that team gets possession. The first shooter must hit the can, and if they do the shooter cracks his beer (the one on his end of the table) and chugs until the other team grabs the ball, places it on the beer that it hit, releases the ball completely, and yells Stop! The ball must stay on the can. If it rolls off, the shooter gets to chug for three seconds. This penalty also applies if they place the ball on the wrong can. The next shooter can shoot as soon as the other team yells stop. If everybody on the shooting team hits a can, they get balls back, and shoot in the same order. Once they have all shot and at least one person has missed, the other team gets possession and shoots as well.
Once a can is completely empty, it is deemed "slappable." If the other team hasn't said stop yet you can throw it at the ground or slap it off the table. If they do say stop before you do this, then you must crush the can and throw it or slap it next time you shoot and hit. If there is a considerable amount of beer still left in the can once you throw it, you must place it back on the table and continue playing. The first team to drink all of their beer wins!

Chevy Court is known for hosting a variety of concerts during the State Fair

The gives Hogwarts a run for its galleons on October 28 to 30. The restaurant will serve guests a four-course dinner complete with firewhiskey dessert; each course is paired with Harry Potter-themed cocktails, like Pumpkin Juice and the Dementor Antidote. Diners will also enjoy a pre-dinner butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, as well as house sorting and Quidditch beer pong on the patio. and include tax and tip.

This weekend, though, it hosts simultaneous alcohol festivals

Tons of beer pong games….Skill(flat back line, no racks), Around the World, Risk/world domination, Hollywood Squares(9cup, whoopie is party cup), Skeeball(4 cup line 2 party cup islands at each side at back) get at tpick7@hotmail if you want rules

The Food Timeline: history notes--bread

"You blew it!" screamed Adam Sandler over the loudspeaker as a member of the Gateway Grizzlies struck out. Out past the left-field fence a heated game of beer pong played out as local band The Belvederes cranked out tunes and waitresses strolled the concourse with trays of orange Jello shots.

No, baseball wasn't the main event on this night -- not when pregame festivities involved wrestlers battling for the Midget World Order Championship Belt in a ring right on home plate. And not when beer pong tables and bags boards beckoned fans to the concourse, where they could play alongside flirtatious, kilt-clad waiters and waitresses from local "breastaurant" The Tilted Kilt.

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There is more than drinking at the festivals. Games like beer pong and cornhole test your ability to play with a drink in your hand. Giant jenga and Yard scrabble combine mental toughness and physical skill. If drinking games aren't your thing, group painting and coloring are available too.