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 ... Australian government responded to the threat of communism after World War II. Australia ...

Today, Australia is a multicultural society. After World War II the government developed an immigration program to increase Australia's population. People from Britain and other European countries immigrated to Australia. The White Australia Policy deterred non-Europeans from moving to Australia. The Migration Act 1958ended the use of the White Australia Policy.

Ironically, some 100 000 Europeans settled in Australia between the two World Wars and, throughout the 1930s, the balance between British and non-British immigrants was slowly becoming more equal, foreshadowing changes which occurred after World War II in the late 1940s and 1950s. Initially, this was not the result of any deliberate government initiative. Immigration encouragement policies did not change radically in the thirties until an international crisis and community pressure forced some modification of existing practice. As a result, a decision was made in 1938 to admit 15 000 Jewish refugees from Europe over the following three years. Little more than half of these arrived before the outbreak of World War II in September 1939, together with some 3 500 assisted British settlers in 1938–39. As with World War I , however, almost all immigration ceased until well after the end of hostilities in 1945.

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The years after World War II played an important role in shaping modern Australia.

During World War II, Australia faced the threat of a Japanese invasion. The Japanese attacked American naval forces at Pearl Harbor in December 1941. After sweeping down the Malayan Peninsula, the Japanese seized the supposedly impenetrable island-fortress of Singapore. It seemed that Australia was Japan's next port of call, to be incorporated into the new Japanese empire.

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After World War II ended, a new enemy threatened to invade Australia, the communists. Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley (prime minister from 1945-1949) recognised that Australia needed a long-term strategy to ensure that the Australians could defend themselves against another potential invasion. The Australian economy had suffered under the strains of total war and conscription. Australia needed to populate or perish.

For Australia it meant that the Second World War was finally over

The first policy encouraged natural growth. It was believed that as peace and stability returned to Australia, birth rates would rise. The population would increase naturally. The plan, however, did not provide Australia with the dramatic increase in population needed. During World War II, there had been a significant increase in birth rates.

World War II had decimated (destroyed) Europe. There were millions of displaced persons who had lost their homes and possessions. As Europe was divided by communism in the post-war years, a large number of people left Europe for other countries, such as the United States of America and Australia.

did  troops make to the course and outcome of World War II?During World War II, of the 7 million people who lived in Australia,

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(WW2). There are multiple reasons why this is Kokoda Trail Ww2 Essay the case. Firstly, the Kokoda campaign saved. Australia from what this essay is going to argue. Comment Guinea's tropical wilderness' (The Kokoda Trail Ww2 Essay Kokoda Track: Ghost to coast) and were vastly.

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During the World War II era, the outlook on the role of women in Australian society revolutionised. As a majority of men were at war, Australian women were

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Nicholas Chan wrote this essay as part of the Year 10 Australian Curriculum unit . the most significant fought by Australians in WW2 are the battles of Milne Bay and On top of this, the territory regained along the Kokoda trail was central to