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Sustainability in Education essay Argumentative Essay (2000) asserts that sustainable development is a multifaceted concept relating to a broad range of.

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Such kind of learning as well as innovation calls for the need to have resources and much commitment. The “Vodafone Group Foundation” has offered both of them, giving out a grant to FFI to engage in research project development in to the way “mobile technology can support international conservation and sustainable development efforts” (Banks & Burge, 2004, p.11).

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Perhaps the measure of why shareholders and directors of companies are still pursuing mergers and acquisitions despite a global trend of a significant failure rate, can be attributed to the motivation for businesses to combine forces and resources so as to ensure sustainability. Notwithstanding the many failures, the economic downturn has perhaps highlighted the need to diversify resources into foreign and emerging markets; thereby potentially enabling higher levels of growth. Henry reasoned that a measurement of successful mergers can be enacted by evaluating stock market returns, one year after a merger (Henry 2002). Perhaps investors and shareholders should be able to influence such future business transactions so that an investment viewpoint incorporating ‘return on investment’ should be equally, or more weighted when evaluating such strategies.

Finally, in a study conducted in 2007, ‘Mergers and Acquisitions – A Case of System Failure’, it was pointed out that when considering an acquisition, it is important to focus on “how it will create value for shareholders and not on how it will increase the size of the company” (Virani 2007, p. 5). Perhaps by key management decision-makers directing their attention more on growth and infrastructural capacity, key investment requirements including enabling a viable return on investment are ignored; thereby leading to the increased risk of the unsustainability of such an acquisition.

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So. Much. This. Well said Chef Shawn and Kristin M. The labels aren’t what’s important – quality, sustainability and cooperation with the environment is the key to better health. Not just for OUR bodies but for our planet and all of it’s inhabitants.

Argumentative Essay. Sustainability within the construction industry. Sustainability within the construction industry is a growing topic of concern, as the impact of previous years of negligence becomes apparent.

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Issues relating to sustainability are interdisciplinary, and may be found under a variety of topics in the UCLA collection. Check our list of for suggested Subject Heading searches. To search by Subject Heading, go to the and select "Subject List (start of)".

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The concept of sustainability emerges from "sustainable development" defined in the 1987 as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs," addressing the balance between social equity, economic vitality, and environmental integrity.

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Sustainability operates on the principle of meeting current needs of everyone without compromising on the ability of generations that come later to sustain their needs as well. Therefore, it is important for stewardship of human and natural resources to be taken into consideration.