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If an unconsented HIV test is performed on an HIV-infected source patient, there can be substantial individual and public health benefits. Earlier diagnoses can lead to earlier initiation of treatment, improved health outcomes, and reduced mortality from HIV/AIDS. Knowing one's HIV status also enables infected persons to take precautions that prevent spreading the infection to intimate partners, such as using condoms or accessing early antiretroviral treatment, which greatly reduces likelihood of transmission.

Every year on December 1st, we commemorate World AIDS Day by honoring the organizations, initiatives, and advocates who continue to educate, empower, and raise awareness about HIV and AIDS in meaningful ways.

But what is the measure of success when it comes to HIV prevention? Is it really decreased prevalence? No, it is decreased new infections, known as incidence. Until recently the prevalence found by the antenatal survey gave us a very good picture of incidence. However, the relatively new confounding factors of increased deaths due to AIDS (which decreases prevalence) and increased numbers of people getting access to antiretrovirals (which counters decreased prevalence) make it more difficult to understand the meaning of changes in prevalence as measured by the antenatal surveys.

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Persuasive essay on hiv aids . Is a disease caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). E AIDS pandemic is a. Fection with the english essay contest to write aids a persuasive.

et al., “Oxidative Stress, HIV and AIDS”, , 143 (1992) 145-8.

It's all in a good day's work for film-maker Royston Tan's latest work. In collaboration with Action for Aids, Royston featured scantily clad women as sex objects, set to the tune of a familiar Hokkien song. The two-minute video is made, urging men to use condoms when paying for sex.

A line in the song goes: "If you protect yourself, your happiness will always stay."

"HIV/Aids is a sensitive topic in Singapore, and we constantly look for creative ways to execute the campaigns", says Action for Aids' Executive Director Donovan Lo.

The Straits Times, Tuesday, March 6 2012

In the eyes of Singaporeans, if not the worldwide communites, should be educated that the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS, do not confine itself to the zones one's bedroom. Instead, it involves a larger picture - in this situation - the workplace. This is due to the fact that sufferers belong mostly to the working age group.

Citing a quote from Dr Amy Khor, Minister of State for Health, "Start by educating employees about HIV/Aids. Move on to achieve a supportive workplace for workers living with HIV/Aids. Then establish workplace policies to eliminate discrimination against HIV-infected workers. Over the years, there has been advancement made in treatment, and really an HIV-infected person can live a full and normal life if the diseases is detected early and treated."

Statistics also shows that 70 per cent of people tested HIV-positive in 2011 were aged 30 to 59. With this figure, businesses are encouraged to deploy valuable policies and steps to push HIV/Aids education, and to spread these through their business networks.

There are about 4,000 people living with HIV/Aids as of 2011. With the implementation of the new revised guidelines to manage HIV/Aids in the workplace, this will be in pace to "help foster a gracious and inclusive society."

The Straits Times, 01 February 2012

non-governmental agencies continually urge the media to campaign for awareness of HIV/AIDS theory .

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APS National Paper Prayers Awareness Campaign: Since 1996, Artist Proof Studio has realized the enormous impact that the creative industries can have in addressing issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, especially in raising awareness of the disease and facilitating a culture of healing and positive living through the processes of art and craft. We are also able to make a valuable contribution to reducing fear and intolerance.

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One of the most important things we learn from the mortality data is the ages at which people are dying. For most diseases, it is either the very young or the old who suffer disproportionately. But HIV is sexually transmitted and it is therefore young adults who are dying disproportionately of AIDS. This is reflected in the mortality data. The age pattern of mortality in South Africa is so starkly obvious that it leaves us with no reasonable doubts about the seriousness of the epidemic.

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The mortality data tells us approximately how many people die each year and at what ages they’re dying. They tell us something about the cause of death as well. When a person dies, a doctor has to indicate the underlying cause of death on a death certificate. These certificates show that there have been massive increases in deaths due to TB, pneumonia and diarrhea. We know that these are diseases typically, but not always, associated with HIV. Unfortunately, doctors for various reasons do not usually indicate HIV or AIDS as the underlying cause. There are two main reasons for this: many people die of AIDS without ever being tested for HIV, so doctors often do not know if a person had HIV, let alone if he/she died because of it, or the doctor decides to protect the patient’s family from possible stigma by not writing HIV or AIDS as the underlying cause of death. Nevertheless, we know that AIDS is the only cause that can explain the massive increase in the number of deaths since 1997. By taking into account population growth and allowing for improved death registration, we can estimate a plausible minimum number of deaths due to HIV from 1998 to 2003. I did this and calculated at least 600,000 AIDS deaths, but probably there were substantially more.