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*At our professional position.Why people are Dishonest Today: It is noticed that human ethical index is degrading day by day. It is because the human beings have shifted from religious belief and become more scientific. But they don’t know that science only gives solution of naturally available thing. But creator is God; who created everything and is watching everyone. Honesty can only be judged in front of God and not in front of any law, system, anyone etc. Many of us also forget that science is very limited it will not be able to discover unlimited nature. If one consumes whole energy of the earth even then ten percent of sky distance is unreachable. It is my own calculation and according to my belief. Another example of perceiving the creator is that a bird flying above thousand feet can look the very small grains and the bird can fly thousand of kilometer from one country to another with its small 500g muscle. Don’t anybody think this while flying in flight which requires gallons of oil to cover only 1000 km. If anyone can understand this then he is with my view.Conclusion: We have to realize the value of honesty otherwise social, economical balance will be lost. One day we have to answer our life before God. It is certain to happen otherwise no religion would exist on this earth. Much more can be written about “Honesty is the Best Policy Essay”. I will write short point wise essay for grade 1 to 2. Keywords: honesty is the best policy story, honesty is the best policy quote, pictures on honesty, honesty in life.

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